Political poll, 2022 elections: center-right ahead by 16 points

Data from the Political Barometer of the Demopolis Institute: Fdi at 24%, Pd at 22%

“One month after the political elections, Fratelli d’Italia would confirm today with 24% the first party in the country, with almost a point and a half advantage over the Democratic Party, positioned at 22.6%. In third place, with 14 , 5%, the Salvini League, followed by the 5 Star Movement at 11% “. I’m the data emerging from the Political Barometer of the Demopolis Institute, directed by Pietro Vento. “Forza Italia at 7% and Action-Italia Viva at 5.8% appear more distant. The Sinistra-Verdi list would have 3.7%, Italexit 3.1%. 30 days after the vote, they stand for the moment between 3% and 1.5% + Europe, Civic Commitment, We Moderates and Popular Union “.

“With today’s turnout at 67%, down by 6 points compared to 2018, and over a fifth of Italians still undecided – explains the director of Demopolis Pietro Vento – the decisive phase of the electoral campaign is now starting. One month after the vote, the Center Right coalition, led by Giorgia Meloni’s party, has an advantage of over 16 percentage points over Enrico Letta’s Center Left, with evident effects on the allocation of seats in the single-member majority share ”.

The Demopolis Institute analyzed the weight of the coalitions 30 days after the opening of the polls. If you voted today, the Center Right would get 47%, the Center Left 30.5%. The M5S di Conte, which would have 11% and the Terzo Polo di Calenda at 5.8%, are showing a slight increase.

Information note: The survey was carried out by the Demopolis Institute, directed by Pietro Vento, from 22 to 24 August on a national sample of 1,408 respondents, statistically representative of the universe of the Italian adult population, stratified by geographical areas of residence, gender and age range.