Political poll: Fdi first party 28%, M5S 18%

The latest Noto survey published by ‘Porta a Porta’

Today, 1 December 2022, ‘Porta a Porta’ publishes the usual survey, carried out by Noto Sondaggi, on voting intentions at national level. For the sample of Noto, Brothers of Italy today confirmed as the first Italian party with 28% (with a growth of 2 percentage points compared to the vote of 25 September 2022). They follow the 5 Star Movement at 18% (+2.6%) and the Democratic Party at 17% (-2.1%), then the League with 10% (+1.2%). Therefore with the same value, in fifth position, 8% Forza Italia (-0.1%) and Azione-Italia Viva (+0.2%). Followed by the Greens at 3.5% (-0.1%), +Europe at 2% (-0.8%) and finally We Moderates at 1.5% (+0.6%). As far as the coalitions are concerned, the centre-right reaches 47.5% (+3.7%), while the centre-left stops at 22.5% (-3.6%).

Regarding the tragedy of Ischia Noto asked citizens if they feel safe in their territory: 50% feel safe but a significant 42% fear that tragedies similar to those of Ischia could occur. Furthermore, 66% of Italians believe that the responsibility for the Casamicciola tragedy should be attributed to those who govern the territory, while for 13% the responsibility lies with the citizens and for 11% with tragic fatality. For Italians, the greatest responsibility would therefore lie with the mayors who, for 59% would have closed their eyes to illegal activity, while 32% consider governments that have not passed laws against illegal activity to be guilty. Regarding amnesties: 67% believe they should be prohibited by law while 19% believe they are a necessary evil.