Political polls, Fdi first party and third pole overtakes Forza Italia

The detection known for Porta a Porta

Fratelli d’Italia first party with a margin of over points on the Pd. M5S close to the League. Calenda and Renzi in front of Forza Italia. “Porta a Porta publishes the survey carried out by the Noto Sondaggi Demoscopic Institute, relating to voting intentions at national level. For the champion from Noto, Fratelli d’Italia today would be the first Italian party with 23.5%. In second place the Pd + Art 1-Psi at 20%, followed by the League with 13.5%, the M5S with 12.5%, Action – Italia Viva 8%, Forza Italia at 7.5%, Italian Left-Green Europe 3%, Noi Moderati 2.5 %, + Europe 2%, Italexit for Italy 2.8%, Civic commitment 1.5%. The undecided would be 30% “.

“Noto also gave an overall value to the alignments: the Center-right (Fdi-Lega-Fi-Noi moderati) would reach 47% while the Center-left (Pd-Art1-Psi-Si-Green Europe- + Europe-Civic commitment) on 26.5 % “.

“The high bills are the greatest concern for 66% of Italians, followed by taxes and employment. The population is divided between in favor and against the reduction of the temperature of the radiators (45% yes – 45% no), as well as 42% is in favor of the activation of nuclear power plants and 41 against “.