Polls, Fdi first but declining. Pd rises to 20.3% thanks to Schlein

The survey carried out by Euromedia: M5S drops by almost two points to 15%

Brothers of Italy with 29.2% (-0.4 since the last survey of February 21st) it reconfirms itself as the first Italian party in voting intentions. This is what is revealed by the survey, carried out by Euromedia Research and published today, March 14, 2023, by Porta a Porta relating to the usual survey of voting intentions at national level and the election of Elly Schlein to the secretariat of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party rises to 20.3% (+2.8), followed by the M5S, which drops by almost two percentage points, stopping at 15% (-1.9). There Lega is in fourth position, reaching 9.4% (+0.4), followed by Action-Italia Viva at 8.4% (+0.3). Forza Italia drops to 6.5% (-1.2). Followed by Alleanza Verdi and Sinistra at 2.6% (-0.4), For Italy with Paragone at 2.4% (+0.3) and +Europe at 2.2% (-0.2). Stable position for Us Moderates at 0.5%.

Ghisleri also gave an overall value to the alignments: the centre-right (Fdi-Lega-Fi-Noi moderates) would reach 45.6%, while the centre-left (Pd-Alleanza Verdi and Sinistra + Europa) 25.1%. Furthermore, the level of satisfaction was surveyed regarding the election of Elly Schlein to the secretariat of the Pd: among the voters of the Pd, 88.4% said they were satisfied and 8.5% dissatisfied; in the total population, 36.6% said they were satisfied, while the percentage of dissatisfied was 44.5%. On the question of moving the Democratic Party more to the left, 75.3% of the party’s voters say they are in favor and only 9.3% are against; in the total population, 35.2% said they were in favour, while 30.4% were against.