Ponte Messina, Salvini: “Unprecedented development for infrastructure and businesses”

The bridge over the Strait of Messina will be “a bridge that will allow infrastructures, businesses and companies and the Italian port system to have an unprecedented development that fits into a context of investments of 11 billion for the railway upgrade between Palermo and Messina. The important thing is that the sea unites, as the bridge will unite. ” She said it Matteo Salvini, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport intervening in the second National summit of the Economy of the Blue Sea Forum which is taking place in Gaeta.

The theme of the sea is central, as is that of the air. May there not be a green ideology against development and industry, which reaches the absurd point of penalizing more sustainable economies and companies and mobility”, continued Salvini.

“Italian companies are at the forefront of sustainability” underlined the minister, specifying how the ecological transition “needs its time” and that it must not be accelerated “with taxes”. “I think that at the end of these 5 years Italy can experience an economic, infrastructural, cultural and social revolution that perhaps we have to go back to after World War II to have a similar development”, commented Salvini.

“We are working on a reform of the law on ports that also restores the Art, the Transport Regulatory Authority, to its rightful role. There are European issues that we are following step by step. The goal is to make the marebonus and ferrobonus interventions structural that they are not one-off but have continuity”, added the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.