Ponte Morandi, Mion: “In 2010 I knew about the risk, I said nothing”

The statements of the former CEO of the Edizioni holding collected by TgLa7: “I should have messed up, I didn’t. Maybe I was afraid for the job”. Relatives of the victims: “Devastating and unacceptable”

On the conditions of the Morandi Bridge “I should have messed up, I didn’t”. Why? “It didn’t come to me, maybe I was afraid of the job. We haven’t done many things like fools”. These are the statements offormer CEO of the Edizioni holding, Gianni Mioncollected by TgLa7 at the exit of the Genoa court, where Mion today, in the hearing for the collapse of the Genoa bridge, he said he learned in a 2010 meeting that the structure was at risk of collapse.

“Imagine how we relatives can feel in the courtroom hearing that the state of this bridge was explained in a meeting in 2010. It is devastating for us, as family members and also as citizens”. So at Adnkronos the president of the committee in memory of the victims of the Morandi Bridge, Egle Possetticomments on the testimony given in court by Mion.

“It is unacceptable, just as it is unacceptable that the people who were aware, as citizens, have not intervened in some way”, adds Possetti, acknowledging that Mion’s is “certainly an important testimony, because it goes even more into sign of everything that is emerging from the reports and from other things”.

Not new, however: “Unfortunately – observes the president of the committee of relatives of Morandi’s victims – we have been hearing testimonies for months that all go in this sense, of knowledge, of information that was present within the hierarchical line. The information there were, there was nothing secret and no unknown construction defects. The situation of this bridge was known”.

“We should have thought about it before,” he comments again on Mion, who expressed his regret for not having done anything. “My family never comes home, even if someone is convicted and if clarity and justice are brought about what happened,” Possetti underlined. “These things – he added – must not happen. We must think about it first, everyone within a mechanism has a role and even if the role seems small, it has its importance. And as the roles are more important, they have more weight in the events that occur. There will have to be a weight and an assessment of responsibilities”.

The hope of the president of the committee is that “the substrate in which this tragedy grew up will be changed. We need to work on prevention and on how checks are carried out. Let’s hope that something can change, because here we also had a lot of silence”.