Pontida, Lega rally: Saturday dedicated to young people, Sunday Salvini and Le Pen are there

The traditional Carroccio rally takes place this weekend on the Bergamo meadow. Today, from 4pm, there is the assembly of the youth movement. But the key day is tomorrow, 17 September: there will be a speech by the leader Matteo Salvini and various guests, including the president of the Rassemblement National Marine Le Pen. Among the topics: migrants, Europe, European elections, Maneuver. “The quota of 200 buses was well exceeded”, reads a note from the party

The traditional League gathering is taking place this weekend in Pontida. We start this afternoon, Saturday 16th, with the assembly of the party’s youth movement, while the key day is Sunday 17th: there will be the speech of the leader Matteo Salvini and various guests, including the president of the Rassemblement National Marine Le Pen .

The program

“Everything is ready for Pontida: Saturday will be the day dedicated to young people. From 4pm the discussion will begin with the deputy prime minister and minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini, the minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara and the youth coordinator Luca Toccalini. The key day will be Sunday. The demonstration is scheduled to begin at 10am”, reads a note from the League released yesterday. “The quota of 200 buses has been well exceeded”, underlined the press release. The definitive lineup has not yet been closed. It is known that, among others, ministers and governors of the League will take turns on the stage. A memorial for Silvio Berlusconi is also planned and Roberto Maroni. Matteo Salvini and Marine Le Pen, arriving from Paris, will speak after 12.30, with the leader of the Northern League closing the demonstration. Salvini and Le Pen spoke yesterday via videoconference.

Salvini and Le Pen on stage

On the Pontida stage, supported by the leader of French sovereignism, Salvini will try to warm up his people again. In his speech on Sunday he should attack Brussels, which is “blind and deaf” compared to Rome, and that Europe is “distracted, complicit and useless”. Then the issue of migrants, with the landings that do not stop: Salvini could return to invoke the “extreme remedies” to be resorted to after what is considered a real failure of diplomatic channels. Among other topics also the autonomy reform and the next budget. With attacks which, experts explain, risk turning into friendly fire against government allies. The leader of the League will in fact send messages – more or less explicit – to the majority’s teammates. For weeks the distances between allies have been growing (in particular with Antonio Tajani) and the tone has been raised. Le Pen’s name is also divisive, with the Northern League wanting to remain his ally in Europe. And from the Bergamo meadow which has hosted the League gathering for 30 years – where, according to tradition, the municipalities of the Lombard League swore against the invader Federico Barbarossa – Salvini will effectively start the race for the European Championships in June: the last time – it was 2019 – it reached the top of 34% in Strasbourg, but now the most pessimistic fear it won’t reach 10.

Saturday day dedicated to young people

Saturday, however, is the day dedicated to the party’s youth. It starts at 4pm. The youth sections of various parties allied to the League have also been invited to Pontida. They accepted the invitation – therefore they will be present – Fidesz, the party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the US Republicans, but also youth delegations from Switzerland, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Austria.