Pope Francis at the Angelus: “I am close to the people of Morocco”

At this morning’s Angelus, Pope Francis focused on the tragedy that struck Morocco, the earthquake that caused more than 2 thousand deaths. “I am close to the dear people of Morocco – said the Holy Father – struck by a devastating earthquake. I pray for the injured, for those who lost their lives, many of them, and for their families. I thank the rescuers. In this tragic moment we are close to the people of Morocco.”

“We pray for the tormented Ukraine”

Bergoglio also expressed a thought for Ukraine: “We must oppose the force of arms with that of charity, the rhetoric of violence with the tenacity of prayer. Let’s do it for many countries suffering from war, let’s intensify prayer for the tormented Ukraine which is suffering much”. Then, commenting on today’s Gospel reading, he warned: “Chattering is a plague. When a brother in the faith commits a fault against you, you, without rancor, help him by correcting him. Unfortunately, however, the first thing that is often created around who makes mistakes is gossip, in which everyone comes to know the mistake, with lots of details, except the person concerned. This is not right and does not please God. I never tire of repeating that gossip is a plague on people’s lives and communities, because it brings division, suffering and scandal, and never helps to improve and grow”.