Pope Francis at the Regina Coeli: “May the suffering of tormented Ukraine be alleviated”

Pope Francis at the Regina Coeli prayed that “the suffering of battered Ukraine and of all nations wounded by wars and violence” may be alleviated. (THE MEETING WITH ZELENSKY)

Pope Francis: “Weapons keep silent because security and stability will not be achieved”

“In recent days we have witnessed new armed clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, in which innocent people, including women and children, lost their lives – Bergoglio said at the end of the Regina Caeli, adding – I hope that the truce that has just been reached will become stable that the weapons keep silent because with weapons security and stability will not be obtained, on the contrary, all hope of peace will continue to be destroyed”.

Greetings to the Sant’Egidio community

The Pope then greeted “the leaders of the community of Sant’Egidio from twenty-five African countries”. We are talking about more than one hundred representatives who have recently taken part in the pan-African congress in Rome “Africa will extend its hands to God”. On 12 May they also went to the Fosse Ardeatine to pay homage to the victims of the Nazi-fascist massacre carried out during the Second World War. The pilgrimage, which opened with a greeting from the president of Sant’Egidio, Marco Impagliazzo, was also attended by a delegation of Ukrainians. Together they launched an appeal for peace and against all forms of violence.

The Pope at Caritas: “Forward with courage on the reform”

Bergoglio then greeted Caritas Internationalis which is meeting in Rome these days and has elected the new president. “Forward courageously on the path of reform”, the Pope invited. The new president of Caritas Internationalis is Monsignor Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi, archbishop of Tokyo.