Pope Francis: “Peace put at risk, I pray for those who suffer in Ukraine and Israel”

“I invite you to pray for the peace for which the world yearns so much and which today more than ever is put at risk in many places”. These were the words of Pope Francis at the Angelus. “It is not the responsibility of a few, but of the entire human family. Let us all cooperate in building it with gestures of compassion and courage”, underlined the Pontiff. And again: “Instead, when we discover the true face of the Father, our faith matures: we no longer remain ‘sacristy Christians’, or ‘living room Christians’, but we feel called to become bearers of God’s hope and healing. And God is not a detached master who speaks to us from above. On the contrary, he is a Father full of love who comes close, who visits our homes, who wants to save and liberate, heal from every ailment of the body and spirit” . (POPE FRANCIS: ON THE BLESSING OF GAY COUPLES I DO NOT FEAR SCHISM IN THE CHURCH)

“Life has immense value, let’s overcome ideological visions”

Furthermore, the Pope recalled that today in Italy the Day for Life is celebrated. “I join the Italian bishops in hoping to overcome ideological visions to rediscover that every human life, even the most marked by limitations, has immense value and is capable of giving something to others”. Adding further: “Many brothers and sisters are deceived with false promises and then subjected to exploitation and abuse. Let us all unite to combat the dramatic global phenomenon of human trafficking. Finally, let us also pray for the dead and injured in the devastating fires that have struck the center of Chile”.