Pope: “How many women beaten and abused at home, it’s almost satanic”

The Pontiff’s cry of pain during the exclusive interview with ‘Speciale TG5’

“The number of women beaten, abused at home, even by their husbands, is so, so great. The problem is that for me it is almost satanic, because it is taking advantage of the weakness of someone who cannot defend himself, he can only stop the blows. ‘humiliating, very humiliating “. This is the Pope’s cry of pain, expressed during the exclusive interview with ‘Speciale TG5’ at 8.40 pm on Canale 5 by Fabio Marchese Ragona, in which Bergoglio was interviewed by the last ones.

Responding to Giovanna, a mother of four who fled from a situation of violence, Bergoglio observes: “It is humiliating when a father or mother slaps a child in the face, it is very humiliating and I always say it, never give a slap. in the face. How come? Because dignity is the face. This is the word that I would like to take back because behind it there is your question: does dignity remain in me? What is my dignity after all this, what is the dignity of women do you beat up, do you abuse? “.

The Pontiff thinks of the image of the Madonna “humiliated in front of her naked, crucified son, an evildoer in the eyes of all, that is the mother who raised him, totally humiliated. But she has not lost her dignity and to look at this image in difficult moments like yours of humiliation and where you feel you are losing your dignity, looking at that image gives us strength. I perceive dignity in you, because if you did not have dignity you would not be here. You have dignity, you have the face, the face suffering from who carries on life, his own and that of his children. You are on the way, the danger is to let yourself be lost, there is no way out, you are still standing like Our Lady before the cross, you have not lost your dignity. go ahead like this? Look at Our Lady, stay with that image of courage “.