Pope: “I have no intention of resigning, in case I would like to be bishop emeritus”

Francesco in an interview in Spanish returns to the rumors that have suggested his renunciation

“I have no intention of resigning. Not at the moment “. The Pope reiterates this in an interview in Spanish broadcast by TelevisaUnivision. Pope Francis says he always thought that his time in the Vatican would be short,” but I didn’t realize it and it’s been nine years “.

Regarding the pain in his knee, Bergoglio says that “his knee hurts a little”, that he feels a little “diminished” even though he can now walk. For now, therefore, he reiterates, he is not thinking about resigning, but “if I see that I can’t, either I get hurt or I am an obstacle, I await help to make the decision to retire”, says Bergoglio.

In the interview Pope Francis expresses “great sympathy for the goodness” of Benedict XVI, who has resigned as pope and leads a life, Bergoglio observes, of retirement, reading, studying and writing. In any case, Bergoglio is keen to underline that, on the day of his eventual retirement, he would prefer to be considered “bishop emeritus of Rome”, not Pope emeritus. “If I survive – says Francis – after my resignation, I would like to confess and go to see the sick”.

In an excerpt from the interview published on the Univision Noticias YouTube channel, Pope Francis returns to the rumors that hypothesized his renunciation of the Petrine ministry: “At the moment I don’t feel that the Lord is asking me, but if I hear him asking me, yes” . Therefore, he defined the fact that at the end of August he will go to L’Aquila where Celestino V is buried, in the days of the Consistory, a “coincidence”.

Responding on the possibility of having rules relating to the figure of the Pope Emeritus, Francis observed that “history itself will help to regulate better, the first experience went very well”, because Benedict XVI “is a holy and discreet man”. In the future, however, he said, “it is better to define things better, to explain them better”.