“PopUp! Attitude”. When contemporary art “rewrites” cities

In the universal jargon of the “street”, the attitude indicates the inclination and the approach with which “who pitta” faces his own expressive action. The original specificity of an aesthetic form born directly from existence, from neighborhood experience, to then invade our cities by redesigning their figurative horizon, characterizes one of the most original international exhibitions, the only one able to include the main Italian protagonists Of Urban Art. PopUp! Attitude it is the manifesto of this innovative and disruptive trend. The event, starting from 7 July until 8 October, hosts, in the municipality of Osimo (Ancona), over 20 artists and 70 works on the main floor of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Gallo.

The initiative, curated by Monica Caputo and Gian Guido Grassi, inaugurated the PopUp! Festival, among the first Italian realities to promote, for the past fifteen years, a generation of artists and work in urban space with a renewed idea of ​​public art capable of influencing the collective imagination and changing the face of our cities. The exhibition itinerary tells the various declinations of urban art, through four monographic focuses and a historical section, starting from the most rebellious and social soul of Graffiti up to the monumental one of the most recent institutional events.

The first room houses the OK Group (108, Alfano, Aris, Dem, Dr Pira and Mr Mondo), one of the most revolutionary Graffiti crews on the Italian scene, whose exponents were among the first to abandon the alphabetic component of Writing to enter in new research in the late 1990s.

The second section is “historical”. It is a collective exhibition of the artists Joys, Basik and Run, M City, 2501, who respectively identify four different strands: the analysis of Lettering and Post Graffiti, Street Art, the figurative and abstract neo-muralism. The sculptures by Etnik, Muz and Peeta show how this mode of expression is not limited to a pictorial dimension.

The final wing of this engaging historical process concerns Zamoc, Allegra Corbo, Moneyless and Twoone, or rather artists who have interacted with the public space of Osimo by creating works of urban art. With their works, on burnt wood, fabric, blackboard or light box, they help us understand the transmedia aspect of a research that is enriched thanks to the variety of operational contexts crossed.

The three final monographic rooms introduce as many giants of Italian urban art. We are talking about StenLex, a Roman duo famous all over the world for having created the technique called “Stencil Poster”, Eron, an artist from Rimini, undisputed master of “Spray Art”, able to guide us in a dimension suspended in time and space and Ericailcane visionary inventor of fantastic characters and anthropomorphic animals with his scenes taken from a contemporary version of Aesop’s fables or from the Batracomiomachy. Leaving the imposing 18th century residence, home to the entire exhibition trajectory, in the monumental hall we come across “Donna forma”, an installation by Giorgio Bartocci that pays homage to the female figure. The artistic expressions featured in the exhibition are reflected in the contemporary urban art works created specifically for the city of Osimo: from the public covered market to the entrance hall of the funicular leading to the city centre, from the facades of an industrial warehouse to the interiors of a rest home, up to the wrought iron notice boards that house a “Street Gallery” with Poster Art works by the artistic collective La Fulmine. The event, with the artistic direction of PopUp Studio, is promoted by the MAC Association of Contemporary Artistic Manifestations of Osimo and organized in partnership with the Municipality of Osimo and with the IIS Laeng-Meucci of Osimo and Castelfidardo, with the contribution of the Region Marche and with the support of Asso and Osimo Servizi. The organization thanks the family that owns Palazzo Gallo for the concession of the spaces.