Port Authority of Western Sicily entrusts two state concessions on the Trapezoidal Pier

The tender for the award of two maritime state-owned concessions on the Trapezoidal Pier is published on the website of the Port System Authority of the Western Sicilian Sea (www.adsppalermo.it). These are two buildings envisaged in the redevelopment project of the Trapezoidal of the port of Palermo to be used as restaurants: the first lot concerns a building of 231.00sqm of covered area and 374.00sqm of uncovered area, with destination “High tradition catering Siciliana “, while the second concerns a building of 231.00mq of covered area and 374.00mq of uncovered area, with destination” Sushi / raw bar “. The duration of the concession is eight years and each participant in the tender can submit an application for only one lot.

The comment of the president of the Port System Authority of the Western Sicilian Sea, Pasqualino Monti: “In that space that, just completed, will really revolutionize the relationship between Palermo and its sea, we have foreseen, among other things, two restaurants of high level with specific reference to the Sicilian tradition, always in great demand by tourists. We aim for excellence that will have to satisfy different types of users, citizens, cruise passengers and owners of the yachts that will moor right in front of the restaurants. As happened in Sant’Erasmo, and in the wake of the way this Authority operates, which is not limited to the construction of isolated infrastructures but agrees with the market, new jobs will be created, activating new economies. I hope for a large participation “.

Participants must not be in possession of other state-owned concessions or authorizations issued by the AdSP in the territorial district of the port of Palermo for the same purpose, they must have been registered for at least five years in the Business Register at the CC.I.AA. competent for the territory and must have exercised the restaurant business for at least five years, of which three consecutive. The deadline for submitting offers expires on October 17, 2022