Ports: Confitarma, book presentation tomorrow on ‘Gioia Tauro the winning challenge’

Tomorrow, starting at 12.30 at Palazzo Colonna, the book “Andata in porto, Gioia Tauro the winning challenge” will be presented. The event, organized by the author Giuseppe Soriero, in collaboration with Confitarma – Italian Confederation of Shipowners, will be coordinated by Luca Sisto, General Manager of Confitarma. The Chief Inspector Admiral Nicola Carlone – General Commander of the Port Authority Corps, and Francesco Verderami, journalist of Corriere della Sera, will intervene.

Confitarma, the main associative expression of the Italian shipping industry, has always promoted the development of the Italian merchant marine, within the framework of a policy that enhances maritime transport, also through the organization of moments of study and cultural comparison. In this sense, borrowing the words of the author, the event will be a precious opportunity to “open up to the knowledge of the port of Gioia Tauro”: between strengths, criticalities and extraordinary potentials that from the South are expected for Italy and Europe.