Ports, projects for Chioggia development presented

Protection and enhancement of the naturalistic, social and cultural heritage and of the port maritime identity: these will be the levers for the future development of Chioggia and above all of its port increasingly devoted to tourism (yachting and cruising) and strengthened in its commercial vocation. This is what emerged yesterday during the workshop on the past, present and future of the Clodiense port organization organized by the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea and by the Municipality of Chioggia – Civic Museum of the South Lagoon, in collaboration with Confindustria Venezia-Rovigo, the Department of Biology of the University of Padua and the Propeller Club Port of Venice, as part of the European project Remember “REstoring the MEmory of Adriatic ports sites. Maritime culture to foster Balanced tERritorial growth ”funded by the Italy-Croatia European cooperation program.

During the meeting, the Venice and Chioggia Port System Authority presented a series of interventions and projects that, starting from the vocations of the territory and in synergy with local institutions and the Veneto port cluster, it intends to develop. Some of these projects fall within the planning action of the Entity subject to the signing of the Program Agreement with the Municipality of Chioggia (preliminary agreement to the Strategic System Planning Document and the Port Regulatory Plan), such as those concerning the enhancement of the port part relating to the Isola dei Saloni to be allocated to the cruise and pleasure boating functions, of the Ex Cementificio area, of the private areas in the port section of Val Da Rio with the aim of integrating the functions envisaged by the current Regulatory Plan with those of logistics and pleasure and, finally, the regeneration of the port waterfront starting from Val da Rio.

On the environmental sustainability front, the interventions relating to the reclamation and functional recovery of the 900 state-owned building on the Island of Saloni and those of bonification and environmental requalification of the areas for the construction of the AB quays of the maritime river terminal in Val da Rio while on the cultural front, initiatives and interventions were mentioned for the activation of new tourist itineraries and the usability, starting from June 2022, of the Virtual Museum of the Ports of Venice and Chioggiathe result of a broad partnership with public and private actors in the area and beyond, including the Museum of the South Lagoon and the Municipality of Chioggia.

“Today there is a growing interest around the Port of Chioggia- he commented Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, President of ADPSMAS- for both the commercial and the touristic part. As already defined in the Three-Year Operational Plan 2022-2024, we have the task of creating an innovative and sustainable model of ports. We began by giving a strong impulse to the perfecting of the state-owned unification of the Ports of Venice and Chioggia. Now we are opening an important planning phase by working side by side with the municipal administration to lay the shared foundations for the development of the port and port / city interrelationships. Also the inclusion of the port area in the Simplified Logistics Area is a significant step to increase the propensity of operators to invest in the Clodiense port. Planning, impulse to the ZLS, compatibility with Mose, planning regarding accessibility, culture and sustainability, enhancement of fishing and its fleet, city-port interaction are the keys to the development of the Port of Chioggia. We are working hard to ensure that Val da Rio continues to carry out its primary commercial and logistic function while for the Isola dei Saloni we aim to increase its tourist and cruise vocation “.

After having brought greetings from the municipal administration, the Mayor of Chioggia, Mauro Armelao, declared: “The institutional collaboration with AdSP and Harbor Master’s Office started immediately, to overcome the problems together in order to bring medium and small cruises to the city: a sector that is certainly an added value, no ifs and buts. We are ready to welcome and host cruise passengers, because Chioggia has a tourist vocation and the categories have also become available and are an active part of the relaunch of the city, which has enormous potential. In this sense the vertiport is another opportunity that we want to exploit to relaunch the future of Chioggia; a future that must include in the port the cruise sector on the island of Saloni (an area of ​​possible expansion of the city with a vocation for parking) but also the commercial port ».