Pos obligation, the fines start today: tobacconists ask for exemption

For Confcommercio, the chosen path is not the correct one: “We cannot think of encouraging electronic payments through the mechanism of sanctions”. Contrary opinion also on the part of Confesercenti

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From today, sanctions are applied for merchants, artisans and professionals who will not allow their customers to make payments with cards and ATMs. The mandatory Pos, however, divides the categories: some consumer associations welcome the new rule with favor while other sector associations express concern, such as tobacconists who ask for exemption. “The fight against tax evasion – Assotabaccai affirmed – through the obligation to accept payments by card and ATM is a contradiction in the case of tobacconists which are, in fact, concessionaires of the State”. In fact, the association explained that in fact, in their case, traceability already exists.

Obligation accompanied by sanctions

The topic is also debated by the government, so much so that an agenda has been accepted in which Parliament has undertaken to provide a tax credit of 100% on higher costs, against the use of the card for purchases of a few cents, from postage stamps to bus tickets. The triggered obligation is accompanied by a penalty of 30 euros for those who refuse, to which is added 4% of the amount of the value of the transaction for which payment acceptance has been refused. In case of refusal of a payment of 100 euros through the Pos, the merchant would face a penalty of 34 euros (30 euros for a fixed fine and 4 euros for the variable one).

The protests of Confcommercio and Confesercenti

“It is an inappropriate and unfair measure”, said Confesecenti who explained that “for smaller companies, for which the cost of electronic money – especially on low-value transactions – is already very high with about 772 million euros. ‘year, between commissions and purchase / loan of the device “. The path chosen is also wrong for Confcommercio: “We cannot think of encouraging electronic payments through the mechanism of sanctions, what is needed to achieve this goal is a reduction in commissions and costs borne by consumers and businesses, also by strengthening the instrument of the tax credit on commissions paid by the merchant, and introducing the gratuity for the so-called micropayments “.