Poseïdona, the single Everybody Leaves finally arrives in Italy

Everybody Leaves is the title of the single by the Italian-French singer-songwriter Poseidonnow released in Italy by Onda Rosa Records, already on Italian radios. Available on all streaming platforms, the song marks the return of Poseidon a few months after the release of She, his first single written in Italian. Already appreciated “at home” by French radio, Everybody Leaves aims to repeat itself in Italy and enchants with the seductive voice of Poseidon which captures at first listen in this mix of 90s disco-pop sounds, within a sound world made of chiaroscuro that evokes an irresistible melancholy disguised as a dancefloor! Made in the Macaya Records Studio in Lausanne together with the Swiss producer Joris Amann, “Everybody Leaves” is the leitmotif hearts in disarray!

Too many tears for what? Can’t see the truth right now

How many times I tried, I’m wondering why

Why does, why does everybody leave?

Everybody Leaves it’s a song I wrote thinking about the people who leave our lives and the passage of time which can sometimes give a feeling of fear when it takes everything away, making us feel alone –says Poseïdona– singing, writing, is an art that heals my soul. Nostalgia can also be a beautiful feeling, it is the engine that drives my music.” Poseidon is at work with the first EP scheduled for release by 2024.

Poseidon, real name Célia Serrao, twenty-seven years old, born and raised in France by a Calabrian father and a French mother, she wrote and composed her first songs when she was a teenager. You have won numerous festivals dedicated to young singer-songwriters in France. In 2020 Poseidon becomes Kadebostany’s live singer. She was discovered and highlighted by Guillaume de Kadebostany, the Swiss composer/producer famous for the singles “Mind if I stay”, “Castle in the snow”, “Save me”, Top 10 songs in the charts of over 30 countries. Poseïdona writes and performs the title “Take it away from me” of Kadebostany’s latest EP, “Drama – Act 1”. In 2021 she begins the “Drama tour” with the band and she also performs on international stages throughout 2022 (Greece, France, Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Turkey). After “Lost” released in 2022 and “Lei” in June 2023, Poseidon returns to Italy today with the single Everybody Leaves.