Positive Piazza Affari, Nexi and CNH in evidence

For large sections in red, Piazza Affari managed to close positively. This is also due to the start of trading on Wall Street, where the S & P500 and Nasdaq travel towards new all-time highs.

On the Ftse Mib, which finished up 0.26% to 27,633.2 points, among the best performances we find that of Nexi (+ 4.26%) which in the nine months to 30 September recorded an Ebitda up 12 , 3% and a turnover that showed a + 9.6%.

Among the companies that presented the quarterly data, Assicurazioni Generali also stands out, which ended up by 0.68%: as at 30 September, the Lion of Trieste saw profits rise by 74% per year to 2.25 billion euros. .

Day of accounts also for the two stocks that recorded the worst performances of the blue chip list: Poste Italiane (-1.56%), which in presenting the numbers for the quarter revised upwards the 2021 targets, and Interpump (- 7.99%), which ended the nine months with a net profit of 178.4 million (from 103 million) and a turnover of 1,154.6 million (from 954.2 million).

Also in evidence Cnh Industrial (+ 4.37%) after the green light for the prospectus for the listing of Iveco Group.

On the fourth and penultimate day of placement of the BTP Futura 2033, the Treasury put BTP 2024 and 2029 on the market: the first saw the yield increase by 3 cents to -0.16% while the second recorded an increase of 12 cents to the 0.60%. The spread between our ten-year bonds and German bonds of the same duration did not register significant changes at 117 basis points. (In collaboration with money.it)