Post councilor Lega no vax against Segre, then an apology

The senator targeted for the position in favor of the vaccine

She was missing … 75190“. This the post on Facebook then removed, of Fabio Meroni, group leader of the League in the City Council to
Lissone, in the province of Monza and Brianza, against life senator Liliana Segre, ‘guilty’ of having expressed itself in favor of the Covid vaccine. In the post the senator is not nominated directly by Meroni, but only through the number with which it was branded by the Nazis in the concentration camp of Auschwitz. Mayor of Lissone for two terms from 1994 to 2002, former member of the League, And no vax declared in its card on the Lissone City Council page it says “passionate about ufology and paleoarchaeology. He has participated as a speaker at various public meetings and is a member of the Cun, National UFO Center “.

The post sparked theindignation of numerous citizens and politicians who have asked for an apology and Meroni’s resignation. But also some fellow soldiers of the League have distanced themselves from the statements of the municipal councilor of Lissone. So much so that before the post has been removed and then Meroni’s apologies came.

“In this climate of hatred, unfortunately, I too got involved and in a totally wrong way I tried to express my thoughts. I want to apologize to Senator Segre, which I did not intend in any way to offend and if one day I will have the honor of being able to speak to you I will personally explain my thoughts “, Meroni wrote on Facebook.”I reiterate my esteem for him. I leave it to others, keyboard haters, to take it out on me, “he adds.