“Post sea hair restructuring”: Laura Torrisi revives the look, have you noticed the similarity?

Laura Torrisi revives the look after the sea: “Post sea hair restructuring”, but have you seen who she looks like in this shot?

Laura Torrisi she made her debut in the world of entertainment many years ago, when in 1998 she took part in Miss Italy and was among the finalists. Her popularity came thanks to her participation in Big Brother. In 2006 she joined the cast of the sixth edition of the reality show she then led by Alessia Marcuzzi.

Laura Torrisi, look (credits: instagram)

The actress arrives in the semifinals. After her experience in the most spied house in Italy, an important project arrives for her. She is chosen as the protagonist in the film for the big screen A beautiful wife by Leonardo Pieraccioni. It is with the actor that a love story begins from which Martina was born in 2010. This relationship that ended in 2014. After her debut in the cinema, she also made her debut on television, again as an actress, in the series Honor and Respect – Part Two. After this initial career in the acting world she never stopped and she was part of the cast of other important films and TV series.

Today Laura is much loved by the public who also follow her on social networks. Her profile has over a million followers with thousands of shared photos. In all the shots she shows a beauty out of the ordinary. In the latest images she is photographed by the sea and sports a dazzling physique. Apparently for a few days she seems to have returned to her commitments and he wanted to say giving a different light to his look, renewing it: “Post sea hair restructuring “.

Laura Torrisi revives the look: “Post sea hair restructuring”, have you seen who she looks like?

On social media she is followed by over a million followers, with them the actress interacts by publishing shots but also by publishing stories. The latest images are full of light, she is at the sea and shows a great body and sports different bikinis.

We can admire her in a photo with a costume on orange with a stronger detail and with a bright color in the upper part, Laura has her hair in the wind, she holds it with her hands and wears glasses: she is really very beautiful! In another image she is wearing a bikini always on orange but with a more evident color with a different design, she is wearing a hat and shows a very bright smile. Apparently, however, in the last few days she has returned to everyday life, at least for the moment, away from the sea. In fact, she shared a post in which she lets thousands of followers know that she went to the hairdresser to give her hair a little life after a few days of sea and sun. But that’s not all because the actress points out a certain similarity:

Laura torrisi look
Laura torrisi, snapshot (credits: instagram)

Have you seen the photo? Laura in support wrote: “Hair restructuring after the sea, and it is immediately ‘The nanny’ “, do you notice the similarity with Francesca, the character of the famous American sit-com? The actress looks a lot like her with this hairstyle. What can I say, she can change her look but she is always beautiful!