Poste Italiane places postal savings bonds at 3 years plus

Poste Italiane places a savings product dedicated to customers who wish to use their available funds in the short term in a product guaranteed by the Italian State.

The postal savings bond “BFP a 3 anni Plus” is in fact a registered financial product that recognizes a fixed rate of return on maturity, has a duration of 3 years, is not transferable and is repayable at any time. The voucher can be registered exclusively in favor of natural persons, in a number not exceeding four. The yield is predetermined and certain over time, there are no management and subscription costs, with the exception of tax charges. These bonds are subject to a preferential taxation of 12.50% on interest and are exempt from inheritance tax.

The 3-year plus postal savings bond can be subscribed online, via the BancoPosta App or on the website, or at any post office by presenting an identity document and the tax code. They can be subscribed starting from a minimum amount of 50 euros and multiples. For Postal Savings Bonds represented by paper documents, the holders’ rights to the repayment of the subscribed capital and to the payment of accrued interest are prescribed after 10 years from the expiry date. Dematerialized vouchers do not become statute-barred as they are reimbursed upon expiry and the relative amount is automatically credited to the holder’s settlement account.