Posters in Rome against migrant emergency management: “No to the slave market”

Magnitude – Movimento Identitario, given the unprecedented landing emergency, has plastered the center of Rome with protest posters, denouncing the ineffective management of the phenomenon at all levels. In 2023 alone, there will be hundreds of thousands of immigrant arrivals in Italian reception centers, which are unable to absorb such a number of human beings. “The European Union, which for years – they write in a note – should have found a unitary solution to the migratory crisis, appears increasingly divided with a President of the European Commission, von der Leyen, totally disinterested in the humanitarian emergency underway outside and within our borders. The French President – Macron – so impious with empty words on the need for a united and sovereign Europe, thought well of deploying the army and the ‘gendarmerie’ at the border of Ventimiglia and in the Alps, instead of seizing the “an opportunity to show solidarity and start a real process of change in the system of distribution of non-EU citizens”.

It’s still. “In Italy, however, Giorgia Meloni’s electoral campaign promises have been inexorably disregarded and denied by the facts. Illegal immigration is a complex problem that cannot be solved by dint of populist slogans. This executive has proven to be totally unprepared on one of the key themes of his political program, for which he was voted by the majority of voters. The causes of our crisis are to be attributed not only to famines, natural disasters and climate change, but above all to wars and instabilities fomented by geopolitical selfishness Westerners to grab and exploit the enormous resources of the African continent. Illegal and uncontrolled immigration benefits above all the criminal gangs who, exploiting the desperation of millions of Africans, have transformed them into the new slaves of this millennium. In fact, arriving without any type of control and in absolute poverty, they are forced either into crime or into labor exploitation”.

“Solutions to limit the emergency exist, but they require great courage and a strong European awareness. It is necessary to intervene directly in Africa with a joint plan of all EU member countries – we read in the movement’s note – with great economic funding intended not only for the construction of infrastructures but also for the on-site training of scholars and workers. Implementing functional plans – in agreement with the countries of origin – for the repatriations of those without the right to asylum, and implementing tough policies to combat smugglers. Not only that, the Italian reception centers are far from prepared for a similar situation, Europe has the moral obligation to finance their restoration, expansion and construction of new structures; from places of imprisonment these could become places of training and study for those who have not had the necessary opportunities in their own country. It also seems natural – but not obvious – to highlight the need not to interfere with the stability of these lands, also tormented by our actions”.