“Power of Rome”, docufilm event with Edoardo Leo in the role of himself and Julius Caesar

Screening in 150 theaters on April 19-20-21 (Christmas of Rome), then abroad and on Sky TV

The whole world knows what the power of Rome was and of his Empire and finds it as a citizen or a tourist walking through the streets and squares of the Eternal City and visiting its artistic monuments and archaeological sites. But more than to the power of the city, it is dedicated to its ‘power’, be it historical, political or religious docufilm ‘Power of Rome’ directed by director Giovanni Troilo, with Edoardo Leo protagonist and Giorgia Spinelli among the main performers.

Born from an idea by Fulvio Lucisano with the historical consultancy by Claudio Strinatiproduced by Fulvio and Laura Lucisano for one production by Iif and Vision Distribution with Skythe docufilm will be in 150 Italian cinemas for three event days on 19, 20 and 21 April, the latter date coinciding with the Birth of Rome – that tradition wants to have been founded by Romulus on 21 April of the year 753 BC – as well as with the 50th birthday of the protagonist, obviously Roman. The docufilm, as the English title already reveals also for the original Italian edition, is intended for an international audience and it will be also broadcast on Sky TVprobably in late spring, even if there is still no precise date in the schedule.

“There is a need to continue to ‘read’ Rome, even spending a critical look at its history; it is essential to make a non-apologetic portrait and cinema is perhaps the best way to tell it, considering that the Trajan’s Column is practically a film carved in marble, “he explains the director Giovanni Troilo. “After all – adds Edoardo Leo – Rome is strictly connected to the idea of ​​power: after all, both political power and religious power are here, they are all in one square kilometer. As for me, I have always preferred to tell about Rome rather than Romanism. ‘… “.

Confess Edoardo Leo: “We are all fleeting spectators of the eternal beauty of Rome: and I say it, a Roman, who before these shots did not I had never entered the Colosseum! Doing it at dawn was an overwhelming feeling for me. But it also has a strange effect on me to see myself on the back of buses in the documentary commercial … – the lead actor smiles in the role of Julius Caesar and himself – For me it was not only a professional but also a personal journey in my city and I hope that all spectators will be blinded by the beauty of Rome, even if it should be illuminated more and better at night“.

For the actress Giorgia Spinelli who supports Leo in the scenes, “it was fun and instructive to shoot it. Edoardo taught me a lot, to recite monologues for example, but also to drive the Vespa and eat the supplì …“, he jokes with reference to a scene from the docufilm.

The plot of the docufilm sees the actor Edoardo Leo called to interpret Julius Caesar in an English documentary: but he, intolerant of stage costumes and the clichés of yet another film about Rome, leaves the set during the rehearsals of his famous assassination, for venture into today’s Rome. Following in the footsteps of the birth of the Roman Empire, the actor explores his own city with new eyes, amidst surprising encounters and dreamlike moments, sharing amazement and fear, restlessness and wonder with the viewer “.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)