Powerboating, ‘Tommy One’ improves the offshore world record

At a crazy speed, average of 90 knots and peaks between 100 and 105 knots, Maurizio Schepici and Mario Petroni conquered the record on the Messina-Vulcano-Messina section

A crazy speed, average of 90 knots and peaks between 100 and 105 knots, Maurizio Schepici and Mario Petroni, aboard the powerful “Tommy One” conquered the offshore world record on the Messina-Vulcano-Messina section, covering a distance of 70 nautical miles in 45 minutes and 17 seconds, a record that already belonged to Tommy One with the time of 51 minutes and 44 seconds set in 2020.

Great satisfaction of the champion Maurizio Schepici for having accomplished the sporting feat in the city of Messina, very dear to him, where he was born and lived until the age of 18. “It wasn’t easy to conquer the goal – he commented – especially in the initial part of the route towards Acqualadrone and Milazzo where we had to face very long and abnormal waves which did not allow us to go even faster”. In the fastest stretch shortly after Milazzo the Tommy One reached peaks of 105 knots, recovering precious minutes, managing to sail, despite the swell, with a truly impressive average.

“We never gave up -Mario Petroni pointed out- because they wanted so much to accomplish this feat for which we gave everything. We also want to say thanks to those who have provided us with so much assistance, Nautica Femminò, their support has been invaluable”, the Catanzaro family for medical/health assistance, to all of Nino Fugazzotto’s life giving assistance to the Aeolian Islands, thanks goes to Doctor Pietro Franza for the hospitality at the Hotel Royal Palace, who hosted and pampered us for a week, thanks to all our sponsors who support us.

The award ceremony of the pilots, at the Marina del Nettuno of the Blandina family, in the presence of representatives of the Municipality of Messina in the person of the First Citizen Federico Basile and Councilor for Sport Massimo Finocchiaro who sponsored the event, many important guests both from sport that of the show present at the Award Ceremony. A special thanks goes to the entire technical section of the Coast Guard of Messina, the Scuba Angels and the Italian Motorboat Federation, in short, I sincerely thank the whole city of Messina.