Pozzolo case, key figures in hospital after falling on bike

Neck trauma for Biella municipal councilor Luca Zani

Luca Zani, Biella city councilor who was the victim of an accident on Saturday while he was doing a mountain bike ride in the mountains, is hospitalized in Turin with a cervical trauma and a 90-day prognosis. According to the reconstruction, Zani, among the guests present at the New Year’s Eve party in Rosazza, where the gunshot was fired from the weapon of the FdI parliamentarian, Emanuele Pozzolo, which wounded Luca Campana in the leg, he would have lost control of the bike and ended up against a tree. The counselor is among the people heard as witnesses by the investigators investigating what happened in the premises of the Biella pro loco.

The genetic profiles on the weapon

At least three people would have touched the gun of the FdI parliamentarian, Emanuele Pozzolo. This is what emerges from the report by the RIS of Parma which examined the weapon. In the conclusions we read, in fact, that from the biomolecular investigations carried out on the finds, “complex genotypic structures of a mixed type emerged, probably attributable to at least three individuals from which it is not possible to extrapolate any profile of an evident majority contributor. The same, however – it continues – are useful for direct comparisons with biological samples of certain availability”.

In light of the report from the RIS of Parma, the Biella prosecutor’s office, which is conducting investigations into the incident, could now decide whether and from whom to take DNA from among those present at the party in the Rosazza pro loco to compare the profiles with those emerging from the analysis carried out by the carabinieri on the weapon.

The deputy tested positive for the stub

Positive stub outcome for Fratelli d’Italia deputy Emanuele Pozzolo. This is stated in a note from the Biella prosecutor’s office more than twenty days after the shot that injured Luca Campana during the New Year’s Eve party in the Rosazza pro loco. The gunshot had come from the deputy’s weapon. “With reference to the facts relating to the explosion of a gunshot during the New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Rosazza pro-loco in the Biella area, which involved a deputy of the Italian Republic, it is confirmed that the results of the stub and have been made available to the parties”, explains the Biella prosecutor’s office in the note, adding that “these results, being positive, confirm the initial prospect”.