Prada Group will support the restoration of Parco Nord Milano

On the occasion of the third appointment of the Forestami Academy, the Company renews its commitment to the greenery of the city

The Prada Group will contribute to the restoration of the Parco Nord Milano, one of the most important green lungs of the metropolitan area with its 800 hectares, seriously damaged by the violent storm last July. The announcement was made today, on the occasion of the third and final appointment for the current year of the Forestami Academy at Parco Nord Milano. The economic, ecological and social damage to the arboreal heritage and forest ecosystem was enormous: over 200 trees fell, some of which were almost centenary, others seriously damaged or reduced to an unsafe condition. Furthermore, the drainage system was compromised.

Thanks to the contribution of the Prada group, 300 adult plants of various species will be purchased and planted which will integrate the main rows, recomposing the geometries of the Park, and preserving the ecological balance of less affected areas. The project also includes maintenance interventions – in particular watering, the containment of weeds and pruning – necessary to ensure the trees take root. The start of the works is scheduled for the month of November, with the aim of bringing this important green area back to health by spring 2024. The interventions extend over over 400 hectares within the Park but will be concentrated in two in particular main areas: one surrounding Cascina Centro Parco, the other near Lake Niguarda.

“Milan, a city to which the Prada Group is deeply linked, increasingly understands the importance of greenery – said Lorenzo Bertelli, head of corporate social responsibility of the Prada Group -. We care about this issue and for this reason we have enthusiastically supported the Forestami Academy project and today we feel it is our duty to contribute substantially to restoring one of the most important green areas of our city”.

The third appointment of Forestami Academy comes after the training meetings at the Salone D’Onore of the Triennale entitled ‘What is an urban forest?’ and ‘Where are the urban forests?’. Today’s meeting, entitled, ‘How is an Urban Forest formed?’ was moderated by Maria Chiara Pastore, scientific director of Forestami and tenured researcher at the Polytechnic of Milan, and by Giorgio Vacchiano, researcher and teacher in Forest Management and Planning at the State University of Milan, with the intervention of the architect Stefano Boeri , president of the Scientific Committee of Forestami.

The approximately 100 citizens present, after a theoretical introduction, were able to closely observe the peculiarities of the Parco Nord Milano forests and the different species present. They also participated in cleaning activities of some green areas. The appointment with the Forestami Academy is for next year, with the new training cycle of three lessons. The central theme of the new edition will be ‘Urban forestation: well-being and health’.