Prandini (Coldiretti): “First objective to increase zero km products in school canteens”

“To get children back to living in contact with nature and understand the work and sacrifice that our farmers make in producing excellence”

“The first goal is increase the zero kilometer products in the canteens. We wanted to pay a lot of attention to correct nutrition for the new generations, starting from primary schools, but creating a principle to bring children closer to educational farms: Italy is the country that has the most at European level, we have more than three thousand”. Said the president of national Coldiretti Ettore Prandinitalking to journalists on the occasion of the Food Education Festival in schools at the Coldiretti Farmers’ Village in Bari.

“It is a great opportunity – he added – to bring children back to live in contact with nature and understand the work and sacrifice that our farmers do in producing excellence and in creating a distinctive principle as a production model, but which gives quality and unique sensations that only Italy can represent as a model of growth and development Have children taste real extra virgin olive oil, pasta made with Italian durum wheat, enhance the potential we can offer in terms of tasting, but also as quality of life, because then everything passes from there. And then entering the classes – said Prandini – and explaining exactly what happens within the daily work of our farmers in producing food which they then taste today, but which tomorrow they will buy when they become citizen consumers. We ask Europe – he said – to adopt the principle of reciprocity: the rules that are imposed on our agricultural businesses must be the same rules that favor or prohibit the entry of products from other countries, where those same rules are not enforced”.

“So, in an absolutely free market, we want there to be no form of unfair competition. And then we should start again, yes, in valuing, in paying attention to the price that exists in the agri-food chain – specified Prandini – but valuing the income of farmers that for too many decades has been totally erased and is the reason why even in many areas, especially inland ones, we lose worked surface that can produce food and, unfortunately, it becomes abandoned territory with all that follows”.