Pratoni del Vivaro 2022, Rome and Italy at the center of the equestrian world

Everything is ready for the double appointment at the Pratoni del Vivaro. 24 years after the 1998 World Equestrian Games, Rome and Italy return to the center of the equestrian world. And they do it with the organization of the Fei World Championships of full competition and attacks, scheduled at the Pratoni del Vivaro in the fantastic natural setting of the Castelli Romani Park. A double event of charm and tradition, set up in the Equestrian Sports Facility which was the venue for some competitions on the occasion of the 1960 Rome Olympics and which for the occasion will present itself in great style, thanks to the collaboration sanctioned by the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports, by the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rocca di Papa in a memorandum of understanding that led to the redevelopment of the entire structure (competition fields, logistic structures and land) but also of the natural areas (replacement of about sixty trees) and roads, with the use of environmentally friendly materials).

The Region was among the signatories of a memorandum of understanding, last 27 July, together with the Fise and the Mayor of Rocca di Papa, Veronica Cimino, aimed at the redevelopment of the open-air sports facility where the World Cup will be held. Several interventions carried out by the Lazio Region (allocated 800 thousand euros) and by the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports (technical interventions for the optimal functionality of the competition fields, structures and grounds of the facility). “The Pratoni del Vivaro are a wonderful place, where we all grew up since 1960, and where an epic World Cup took place in 1998. For this reason, being able to return to the Pratoni is something wonderful”, said the president of Fise, Marco Di Paola, who spoke at the presentation of the FEI World Championships Pratoni Roma 2022, scheduled in Rocca di Papa from 15 to 25 September. “It will be a compatible, sustainable and inclusive World Cup, indispensable values ​​that are added to those of sport”, added Di Paola.

“The redevelopment of the territory is the reason why as the Lazio Region we have invested so much in this event”, added Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio Region. “Pratoni del Vivaro is a territory that we knew as a historical fact, for the Olympics that took place here in 1960. The reason why Pratoni’s challenge is so important partly concerns the event that will take place, the world championship, but above all it concerns an incredible recovery of the territory both for what concerns the sporting event, but also as regards the naturalistic heritage of this beautiful site, symbol of the Olympics “. “After 62 years we live only on what the 1960 Olympics in Rome left us. And we are in a city that has an extraordinary sporting vocation. This discourse cannot go on for life, infrastructure is needed. The Fei World Championships the Pratoni del Vivaro are the success of the credibility of the FISE abroad “, underlined the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò.

“For Italian sport, 2022 was a fantastic sport. And the Pratoni del Vivaro World Championships will be a further demonstration of this. Some time ago I happened to be in Paris for other institutional commitments, in which I was able to perceive the knowledge and the interest in this event: in terms of prestige, this is a very important thing. The work of Fise and president Di Paola has been extraordinary and is there for all to see “, added Malagò. “The interinstitutional collaboration was fundamental to restore dignity and functionality to the Pratoni del Vivaro, which today represents the ideal place to host international sporting events and to promote the beauty of the Roman Castles and the entire metropolitan area”, was the message of Valentina Vezzali, Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with responsibility for sport. “I thank Fise, Coni, Sport and Health and all the institutions for organizing this splendid event – the words of Alessandro Onorato, Councilor for Sport, Tourism, Fashion and Major Events of Rome Capital -. This event is proof proven of the rebirth and international affirmation of the Capital and the Metropolitan City “.

“For us it is an honor to host these World Riding Championships in what is the wonder of Pratoni del Vivaro, a compendium that is owned by the municipality of Rocca di Papa, thanks to the great work of the mayor Emanuele Crestini (tragically died in 2019, ed. ) “. Thus Veronica Cimino, mayor of Rocca di Papa. “The people are no longer there but the projects and the serious objectives go forward together. Thanks to the Fise, which was a protagonist together with the Municipality, is the redevelopment of the plant. Starting from the transfer decree. from the state property to the municipality of Rocca di Papa we have worked to transform and restore the Pratoni del Vivaro and be protagonists of the equestrian world. A job made up of sacrifices “.

At the Pratoni the specialists of the complete competition will compete first (15-18 September), followed by those of the attacks (22-25 September). At the start an absolute level cast, with all the strongest ready to give a show in particular in the most demanding tests that have always involved the public and fans in general: the cross country for the full competition on Saturday 17 and the marathon Saturday 24 for the attacks. In the full competition, riders and amazons from 4 continents representing 27 nations, 17 of which potentially eligible for the team competition. Among the many big name entrants, in addition to several Olympic, World and European medalists, stand out the British Oliver Townend, current number 1 in the Fei ranking, the Germans Michael Jung and Sandra Auffarth and the British Rosalind Canter, winners of the last three World Championships , respectively in 2010, in 2014 and in 2018. Also in the race the German Julia Krajewski, winner of the individual Olympic gold in Tokyo 2021. The full competition team competition of these World Championships will have a special value, because it will also qualify for the Paris Olympics 2024 (the top seven will get the pass). In the bouts, where four-handed shooting will be held, the list of participants includes 40 drivers from 16 nations, from 3 continents: the most anticipated will obviously be the Australian Boyd Exell, winner of the last five editions of the World Championships. Three women competed: the German Mareike Harm and Anna Sandmann and the American Misdee Wrigley Miller.