Prayer for peace, the Pope: “World in danger, repudiate the madness of war”

For October 27, Pope Francis had announced a day of “fasting, prayer, penance for world peace” to which he also invited believers of other Christian confessions and members of other religions. At 6pm in St. Peter’s Basilica he held a prayer to invoke an end to the conflicts. “Mary, look at us! We are here before you. You are a Mother, you know our struggles and our wounds. You, Queen of Peace, suffer with us and for us, seeing so many of your children tried by conflicts, anguished by wars that tear the world apart”, began the Pontiff in his supplication to the Madonna. “This is a dark hour, this is a dark hour Mother. In this dark hour we immerse ourselves in your bright eyes and we entrust ourselves to your heart, sensitive to our problems” (ISRAEL-HAMAS CONFLICT, FOLLOW THE UPDATES LIVE ).

“Times torn by wars, lost path to peace”

“Now, Mother, take the initiative once again – continued Bergoglio – take it for us, in these times torn by conflicts and devastated by weapons. Turn your gaze of mercy on the human family, which has lost the path to peace, who preferred Cain to Abel and, losing the sense of brotherhood, does not find the atmosphere of home again”. Then he continued: “Intercede for our world in danger and turmoil. Teach us to welcome and cherish life – every human life! – and to repudiate the madness of war, which sows death and erases the future” (RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR, FOLLOW THE UPDATES LIVE).

The Pontiff to the Madonna, “Dry the tears of children”

The Pope also highlighted conversion: “Shake the soul of those trapped by hatred, convert those who fuel and foment conflicts. Dry the tears of children”, “assist those who are alone and elderly, support the wounded and the sick, protect those who have had to leave their homeland and their dearest loved ones, console the disheartened, reawaken hope” says the Pontiff addressing the Madonna. “We consecrate our world to you, especially the countries and regions at war”, “open glimmers of light in the night of conflicts”, “inspire ways of peace for the leaders of nations”. “You, Lady of all peoples, reconcile your children, seduced by evil, blinded by power and hatred”.