Predappio, Conte a Meloni: “Rigor even on black shirts”

“We expect a clear word from the owner of the Interior Ministry and the Government on the parade of the two thousand black shirts in Predappio”. It is a passage from the post that Giuseppe Conte, leader of the 5 Star Movement, publishes on Facebook addressing the government and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“After the media prominence assumed by the Modena rave party, we read from journalistic indiscretions that Minister Piantedosi should present today in the CDM a decree to trace the new line of ‘firmness and rigor’ in matters of safety and public order. Targeted actions are welcome. to greater prevention and contrast of illegality, but in the same way we expect from the owner of the Interior Ministry and from the Government a clear word on the parade of the two thousand black shirts of Predappio, where fascist anthems and outstretched arms highlighted – if needed – the fleeting borderline that divides ‘nostalgia’ from apologia “, writes Conte.

“It would then be appropriate – adds the former premier – a clear position on the interventions of the Police Forces against the battered students at La Sapienza University, despite the fact that they were defenseless and had not adopted manifestly violent behavior. Allow everyone full freedom of expression is the foundation of democracy, we are convinced of it. However, the ways in which this freedom is guaranteed are not indifferent but rather qualify the concrete democratic figure of a society “.

“The decision to intervene on life imprisonment, given the imminent deadline that the Constitutional Court has set for November 8, is a positive rethinking matured by your party (which abstained on this point in the past legislature). However, in order to limit as much as possible the risk that the mafia and convicted of very serious crimes may leave prison, it will be necessary to provide, as proposed by the M5S, that the inmate explains the reasons for the non-cooperation in a specific way and that benefits cannot be granted if the same reasons are not considered objective or concretely justifying the lack of cooperation “, continues the former premier.

“On the Covid management, I ask you to present to the country an organic, sustainable and effective plan to deal with the probable resurgence in the coming months. I am the first to say that an update of the measures is needed and that the current response cannot follow the restrictive measures. adopted in the hardest period of the pandemic. However, it is important that decisions are not taken on the wave of demagogic prejudices, but continue to be anchored to scientific evidence and criteria, according to the principles of adequacy and proportionality, making data accessible and transparent so that decisions are always subject to verification and comparison by experts and public opinion. Ours, as you see, is a constructive work proposal. In the exclusive interest of the country “, continues Conte. “Also for this reason, on the eve of your first, true Council of Ministers, we wish you good work”, concludes the former premier.