Predator, a new film in the saga is in the works

The magazine The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that a new film in the saga is in the works at 20th Century Studios Predator.
For now, there aren’t many details revealed, but we know that Dan Trachtenberg has been called to direct the project and that the title will be Badlands.

The film will be set in the future and will feature a female character as the protagonist, as happened in Preywhich was directed by Dan Trachtenberg.
We remind you that the last feature film of the epic that mixes horror, action and science fiction dates back to 2022, released in Italy on Disney+.

The saga of Predator began with the first title in 1987. It had Arnold Schwarzenegger as the protagonist, in the role of Maj. Dutch Schaefer. The epic continued in 1990 with Predator 2without Schwarzenegger but with Danny Glover in the role of Lt. Mike Harrigan.
There were also two crossover chapters Alien vs Predatorin 2004 and 2007 respectively.

The director (and screenwriter) Dan Trachtenberg will be a great protagonist of the future of the franchise

As for Dan Trachtenberg’s name, it’s clear that the director will become a centerpiece of the hit franchise Predator. In fact, the production company intends to have Trachtenberg at the center of the epic also for other projects that will be released in the future.
And it won’t just be the director: he will create the screenplay of the new one Predator – the next Badlands – will be Trachtenberg himself, who will write it together with Patrick Aison.

The first take will be in July 2024

Filming will begin next July. For now it has not been specified whether this film will be released for the streaming platform or whether it will debut on the big screen first.

The near-future environment that will characterize the next film in the saga opens the door to a new crossover film, which means it could finally lead to the long-awaited sequel to a crossover film from 17 years ago.
After Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox in 2019, both the sagas of Alien than those of Predator they have been restarted with new independent projects, as Marcelo Leite points out in the American magazine in these hours Screen Rant.

The film Prey directed by Trachtenberg brought the saga back into the hearts of fans Predator thanks to a prequel film set in the 18th century, while Alien will have a new theatrical film in 2024 and a television series.

The saga of Predator is in continuous development

Fans of Predator they will really be able to rejoice, given that the future of this saga promises to be ultra rosy.
In fact, two new films from the epic have been confirmed: in addition to Badlandsdescribed as a standalone film set in the near future with a female protagonist, a sequel to is also in development Prey.

“Both projects suggest that Disney has found the perfect formula for the saga of Predator: an anthology approach in which each film places the Predator creature in a completely different environment and period,” we read on Screen Rant.

AND Prey it was so appreciated by the public that it really deserved a sequel.

It could pave the way for a crossover Alien vs. Predator

There is also something else, a detail that fans of the saga will find Predator and to those of the saga of Alien (which are often the same…) did not escape notice.

The future setting of Badlands could facilitate a possible crossover between the sagas of Alien And Predator. Contrary to the current history of Alienwhich was modified during Ridley Scott’s prequels, the Xenomorph – as depicted in the first film – was created in the 22nd century.

So have a new movie by Alien vs. Predator – although it is a reboot – set in the past or present would risk making the chronology of Alien even more confusing than it already is…

Predator in the future it perhaps opens the door to a crossover of Alien vs. Predator set in the 22nd century

But here’s the trick to bring Predator in the future it could open the door to a nice crossover Alien vs. Predator set in the 22nd century.

And it could perhaps redeem the fame of Alien vs. Predatoras the last two films were not well received.

Alien vs. Predator it premiered in 2004, seven years later Alien Resurrection and 14 years later Predator 2. Both sagas had taken breaks from the big screen for several years, and the last chapters had not been a great critical success.

Predator 2 according to many it would not have been able to capture the magic of the original film, while Alien Resurrection made many viewers (and critics) express themselves negatively, saying that Ripley’s story should have ended at least two films earlier…

However Alien vs. Predator of 2004 did not disappoint the public, on the contrary. However, the sequel did not live up to expectations, and in fact Alien vs. Predator: Requiem holds a score of 12% out Rotten Tomatoes.

A complete reboot that should ignore the previous two films of Alien vs. Predator

According to rumors from some American media, including magazines specializing in cinema Screen Rantall upcoming projects by Alien vs. Predator – be they for television, streaming or the big screen – should prove to be a complete reboot that will ignore the previous two films of Alien vs. Predator.

Despite the film by Predator titled Prey does not contradict any of the previous titles in the saga, it is considered a reboot because it allowed the story to start over.
And in the same way the television series of Alien and the movie Alien: Romulus Coming soon will be new beginnings within the saga of Alientherefore ignoring the prequels and focusing instead on the original films.