Pregnant Britney Spears is in the mood for pizza and tags Sorbillo on Instagram

Britney Spears is back to being talked about, but this time it has nothing to do with some gossip or her father or some new project. Everything revolves around food. The singer, who recently announced that she is pregnant again, has posted some photos of pizzas on her Instagram profile. The posts attracted attention not only because some linked them to typical pregnancy cravings, but also because one of them ended up advertising Sorbillo. This is the photo of two pizzas, taken in front of a restaurant of the famous Neapolitan pizza maker, accompanied by the words “MORE PLEASE MORE” (More please, more).

Gino Sorbillo’s reaction

Britney’s post did not go unnoticed, also because the singer tagged Sorbillo. The pizza chef shared it again on her profile, thanking the popstar, and also in her stories. One of these reads: “The legendary @britneyspears loves our pizzas @sorbillo and publishes them on her profile”. According to reports The Courier, the pizza chef would harbor the suspicion that the singer tasted her specialties in the restaurant in Via dei Tribunali, in Naples, perhaps incognito. “Maybe she preferred not to be recognized and with the mask and a different look she could have gone unnoticed. Who knows. In any case she gave us a wonderful gift with this post. Never before has Naples needed to leave again, and today a social message to relaunch a tourist trend “, he would comment. Hypothesis aside, the exchange seems to have enjoyed the singer’s fans as well. In a story reposted by Sorbillo, a user writes: “If he ever comes to eat it in Naples, you know I’ll go mad”.