Premiership, Pizzarotti: “Two-term limit as for mayors, consistency of rules is needed”

The former mayor of Parma to Adnkronos: “I don’t make it a populist issue but one of replacement, having deadlines spurs us to give our best”

The limit of two terms “It is necessary for mayors, for governors, even more so it should be for the prime minister: on the other hand, even in the USA there is a limit of two mandates, does this mean something or not?” Thus the president of +Europa Federico Pizzarotti, who, in dialogue with Adnkronos, focuses on the absence, in the Casellati text , of the limit of 2 mandates for the prime minister chosen by the voters, he who, as mayor of Parma, left the tricolor band after two turning points.

The premiership approved last November 3 by the Council of Ministers and which is preparing to reach the Senate, states Pizzarotti, “it is a reform that is not a reform, given that it does not organically review the Constitution and the composition of the State. In a definition of revision and new plant, a real restructuring would have to be carried out, which would be necessary, perhaps decentralizing some things and centralizing others”.

“I am one of those who believes in the limit of two mandates for large municipalities, and not from a populist vision – points out Pizzarotti, a former grillino of the first hour – therefore not because I fear situations of malfeasance, management of power is not very transparent: in France and Germany, for example, there is no limit to the mandate of mayors, other than an age limit. But I believe that providing a limit is a positive element from the point of view of enthusiasm, the need for a change, to give new lifeAfter all – he observes – change is an exercise in democracy. For me the ceiling is not a discriminatory limit, but takes on a positive meaning.”

It is a “necessary element, government commitment is always approached in a different way and I believe a change – even within the same group – is useful”. Also because, for Pizzarotti, we need “coherence, equal rules at different institutional levels”therefore if there is a ceiling for mayors and presidents of Regions “it is it is essential that the prime minister also has it. Regarding governors – he observes – we are faced with a double hypocrisy and a double problem: it is incorrect for the regions to decide on the third mandate alone, each free to give itself different rules”.

But whether it is a first citizen, a governor or a prime minister, “the political key always prevails for me: it must be a time commitment, also because – the former mayor of Parma continues – having a time means having a deadline, a red line within which to achieve the objectives you have set. It is a spur for yourself but also for others, putting them in a position to do better in the same amount of time.”