Presented the 49th edition of the Salone Nauticsud in Naples

Scheduled from 11 to 19 February

put theeconomy of the sea at the center of the agenda of the Administration of Naplesin a collaboration between public and private: this is the wish formulated by the mayor of the Campania capital Gaetano Manfredi on the occasion of the presentation – at the Mediterranean Theater of the Mostra d’Oltremare – of the 49th edition of the Nauticsud Showscheduled from 11 to 19 February.

“We see in this Nauticsud 2023 the beginning of a new phase of commitment and greater interest in Naples’ relationship with the sea – said Manfredi – To do this, vision and planning on the part of the administration are needed, but it takes private capital”. “There is no doubt – he continued – that the sea represents a huge potential of our territory, I said it in 2020 and I repeat it today, because Naples is a seaside city that does not put the its sea, which means tourism, and we have an extraordinary revival of tourism in the city, but if we also have the opportunity to use the sea as a tourist resource, this tourism can multiply”.

The over 200 companies present at Nauticsud, with many participating brands, more than 400 and almost 800 boats on display, have evidently lit a “beacon” on the economy of the nautical supply chain which did not escape the mayor: “Similarly we have the great theme of strengthening the economy of the sea which means shipbuilding, production, land services, and all related industries that bring jobs, economy and wealth in the city. We have the economic prospects of making an investment plan and strengthening the relationship of the city with the sea which must start from the consolidation of the tourist port system in the city. Let’s start with Mergellina, it is a reality that needs to be strengthened and modernised”.

Amato (Afina), ‘enough words, now let’s move on to the facts: making ports’

Gennaro Amato, president of the Associazione Filiera Italiana della Nautica (Afina), made full reference to planning in his speech. The only way to achieve objectives: “The boat show is not just a mere display of boats, but represents the entire supply chain. A complete kaleidoscope of activities and professions, therefore, of the variegated and dynamic world of boating, with a permanent observatory at the center which allows this thriving productive sector to remodel and re-propose itself to the needs and rules of the market. Nothing prevents us from becoming one of the driving forces behind the GDP of our area, but let’s not go forward! Enough words, let’s move on to the facts, we need ports and first reception services on the mainland, there is a lack of close and effective collaboration between the public and private sectors”.

During the press conference, the top management of Mostra d’Oltremare, the Managing Director and the president, Maria Caputo and Remo Minopoli, also underlined the important organizational goal achieved in recent years thanks to the synergy with Afina: “The development of the Nauticsud and the boating represent a cheap fly to the city – underlined Maria Caputo – and we will talk about this on Wednesday 15th at the meeting of the Order of Accountants and Accounting Experts (ODCEC)”.

Ciro Fiola (Naples Chamber of Commerce) and Amedeo Manzo (BCC Napoli ): “For years we have been aware that ports are needed – Fiola said -. I have already given the offices the task of setting up a joint stock company that would see the Chamber of Commerce, at least in the first phase, designing three tourist ports in Naples. Then, after will be open to private individuals. While Manzo confirmed: “We are the only banking institution with the word Napoli in the logo, and for this very reason, perhaps replacing the Banco di Napoli of the past, we are the city’s reference point for active entrepreneurship. We are ready to take the field at alongside Afina and do our part with an extraordinary finance structure of our Iccrea group”.