President Mattarella signed the budget law and the superbonus dl

The maneuver, after the go-ahead from the head of state, now goes to the Senate. The decree law against fraud on incentives for building renovations has also been signed, including the Superbonus, approved on Wednesday by the Council of Ministers

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella signed the Budget Law, authorizing its presentation in Parliament. The maneuver, therefore, passes to the Senate. The head of state has also signed the decree against fraud linked to the building Superbonus. The Quirinale made it known.

Now the maneuver will arrive in the Senate

The new draft of the maneuver, the one that will arrive in the Senate, is made up of 219 articles: the text that had landed on the CDM on 28 October last numbered 185. In the last few days there have been changes especially on the subject of pensions (in particular on Option Woman) and citizenship income (goodbye to navigators and new stringent stakes to push beneficiaries to look for work), while the Isee ceiling remained at 25 thousand euros to access the Superbonus for interventions on single-family buildings. A series of funding is also foreseen for the maintenance of roads and schools or the construction of new infrastructures for “green” mobility. Among the novelties, no stamp duty on online registry certificates again next year and a substantial package of measures to support the disabled, starting with the indication of the essential levels of social benefits (Leps), which accompany the enabling law on disability. And among the 34 added rules there is also a new tightening on tourist accommodation facilities, from hotels to short-term rentals, with the database that can also be consulted in an anti-evasion key.

The decree law against Superbonus fraud

The decree law against fraud on incentives for building renovations, including the Superbonus, was approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers. The text aims to combat abuses on the assignment of credits, which in less than a year would already amount to 850 million euros. “We must avoid that the building bonuses lose credibility as happened in the seventies to development aid”, Mario Draghi said in reply to the objections of those who asked him to avoid excessive checks on the Superbonus in order not to weigh down the measure. “We must preserve collective confidence in public spending and show that the money is well spent,” added the premier, according to what was leaked, at the closing of the control room on the decree against fraud.