President of the Republic, Rosy Bindi: “I would like a woman at the Quirinale”

The former Minister of Health in the Prodi government comments on the hypothesis of his ascent to the Colle: “Gratified, but it won’t happen”. And it also excludes the possibility that Berlusconi could go to the Quirinale. While Draghi, he says, “should continue to be prime minister” and Mattarella’s no to the bis is in line with “the choice of constituents”

It would be time to elect a woman as President of the Republic. Rosy Bindi is convinced of this and, in an interview with La Stampa, says: “I have been repeating this for years to the point of boredom. And I think the appeals in this sense are an anomaly, it should be normal to take this hypothesis into consideration”.

“Berlusconi al Colle? It won’t happen”

Rosy Bindi, former Minister of Health in the Prodi government, also says she is “gratified” by the fact that someone supports her climb to the Colle. “I must say – she says – that I’m enjoying it, since I know it won’t happen, I’m not even accompanied by concern and wrists that tremble only at the idea of ​​having to hold such a high responsibility. “As for the hypothesis of a candidacy by Silvio Berlusconi:” It will not happen – he assures – I believe that even those who are proposing it know that a profile of the President of the Republic that cannot be superimposed on the person and history of Silvio Berlusconi “.

“Physiological, Mattarella’s no to bis”

Is Mattarella right to say no to the encore? “If I think of a profile of the future president, I hope that he will continue his work, with his style, his impartiality and his respect for the Constitution. After all, his decision, as he recently said, is also the choice of constituents. It is true that the second mandate is not excluded, but everything indicates that the physiology lies in making only one “.

“Draghi should continue to be prime minister”

And what should Draghi do? “I think he should be prime minister: it is in that role that, given the institutional design of our country and Europe, he can become the new European reference point after Merkel. Italy needs it and Italy needs it. Europe. Surely until the next electoral deadline, after who knows “.