Presidential elections in Nigeria, Bola Tinubu wins

Bola Tinubu won the presidential elections in Nigeria, according to the official results released by the National Electoral Commission (Inec) of the most populous country in Africa. Bola Tinubu, 70, former governor of Lagos and nicknamed “the godfather” for his immense political influence, will succeed the incumbent Muhammadu Buhari, 80, who resigns after two terms as required by the Constitution.

The results

Tinubu, candidate of the Congress of All Progressives (PCA) party, already in government, obtained 8.8 million votes, surpassing Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party (6.9 million votes) and Peter Obi of the Labor Party (6. 1 million votes). He also obtained 25% of the votes in at least two thirds of the 36 states that make up the Nigerian federation and in the territory of the capital Abuja, a necessary condition to be declared the winner.

The vote

More than 87 million voters were called to the polls on Saturday and the vote was generally peaceful. But many observers have criticized the delays in counting and serious flaws in the electronic transfer of results. Yesterday, even before the announcement of the final results, the opposition called for the elections to be canceled, denouncing “massive” fraud. Inec, for its part, judged the accusations “unfounded and irresponsible”, adding that the candidates were “free to go to court” if they believed they were offended.