Presidentialism, Pd against: “Bicameral? Very high distrust”

Today Calderoli, speaking of the instrument, had urged the dem to clarify whether they agreed or not. “Otherwise the procedure with article 138 would be better”, observes the minister.

An instrument in which he says he doesn’t believe much “because it hasn’t worked so far” and in any case for a Bicameral reform it is necessary to verify “the intentions of the opposition”. This is the position of Minister Roberto Calderoli, in an interview today, regarding the debate around the process of constitutional reform in the presidential sense. An initial response comes from the Democratic Party which, however, wants to see clearly on the point. “The distrust is very high”, explain sources from the Nazarene to Adnkronos.

Calderoli’s reflection: “The Bicameral? I don’t believe much in the instrument because it hasn’t worked so far, and if I interpret the words of the head of state correctly, it seems to me that the 138 procedure is more adherent to the Constitution for him too. However, if one think of a Bicameral with special powers, first I would check the intentions of the opposition, at least of the Democratic Party, given that I don’t count much on the M5S and the Left. Otherwise, the procedure with article 138 is better”.

Hence the reply of the Nazarene: “There is a very high level of distrust of the method that we have seen so far”. It is also reiterated that, in any case, “the strong opposition to presidentialism” on the part of the Democratic Party remains.