Press conference Meloni, Pd: “Falseness and propaganda”. Renzi: “Never heard so many lies”

The prime minister answered journalists’ questions for more than three hours. Representatives of the majority and opposition commented on the various topics raised. The League: “Full harmony confirmed despite mud and falsehood”. Calderoli: “Good words on autonomy”. Gasparri: “I applaud what was said about Consulta and Amato”. The opposition is controversial. M5s: “Answer on extra banking profits is a mockery and insult to citizens”. Bonelli: “It says untrue things to unified networks”. Fratoianni: “Only slogans and lies”

The press conference of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who answered 42 questions from journalists, ended after just over three hours. “Gentlemen, thank you all and happy new year again”, the Prime Minister said goodbye, applauded by some of those present in the audience. The reactions of the political world to the awaited appointment and to Meloni’s words began to arrive while the prime minister was still responding. Representatives of the majority and the opposition commented on the various answers given in the conference by the prime minister. The League’s government allies are satisfied: “From autonomy to reforms, through tax cuts, guarantees, justice and zero tolerance for religious extremism denounced by the League as happened in Monfalcone. Giorgia Meloni confirms this across the board the unity of the majority and full harmony despite mud, attacks and falsehoods”.

Calderoli: “Good words on autonomy”

“I appreciated Giorgia Meloni’s words today on differentiated regional autonomy”, says the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Roberto Calderoli. “President Meloni was right to point out that autonomy does not take anything away from anyone, it does not take away from one Region to give to another, but will allow the Regions which are virtuous in managing their own competences to obtain further ones, triggering a mechanism of responsibility and could represent a driving force for growth and development for the South. President Meloni said it well: autonomy will strengthen the skills, responsibilities and virtuosity of the individual Regions”. The president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, thanked “Meloni for the clear, direct, unequivocal reference to autonomy, read with exceptional clarity in its fundamental characteristic: autonomy is not taking away from one Region to give to another, but give each Region a historic opportunity to assume direct responsibility”. The president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, also spoke on the topic, defining Giorgia Meloni’s words as “clear, to the point and effective”.

Gasparri: “I applaud Meloni for what was said about Consulta and Amato”

The president of Forza Italia’s senators, Maurizio Gasparri, says that “Meloni gave clear and exhaustive answers on all issues. From the direct election of the prime minister to the issues of competition and Europe, from the Pd-Degni scandals to the Court of Auditors , to the intrusiveness of Giuliano Amato. A government with clear ideas that will continue for a long time”. In particular, Gasparri reiterated in a note: “In general appreciation for the responses of Prime Minister Meloni, during the press conference, sincere applause for what he said about the Constitutional Court and Giuliano Amato”.

Photos: hysterical left rants against Meloni and owls against the country

In a note, the group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber, Tommaso Foti, says: “And here we are already seeing the sinister hysteria of the opposition. After having said for days that Giorgia Meloni was fleeing from the confrontation, a clear example of humanity towards those who can even feel an ailment, are now unleashed in criticizing the answers given by the Prime Minister in today’s press conference. We are faced with the usual ranting of the scathing left: unable to present themselves as an alternative, they continue to hope for the worst for Italy just to hit the centre-right. Unfortunately for them, even as crows they have no future. For the opposition it will only be another four years of rants against Italy.”

Pd: “Falseness and propaganda from Meloni”

The tones of the opposition are very different. The leaders of the Democratic Party of the Chamber and Senate, Chiara Braga and Francesco Boccia, say that Meloni “answered questions without responding to the country. The Prime Minister continues to describe a country of toys, but does not have the slightest understanding of the problems of the “Italy, from healthcare to work. For public finances it relies on the good performance of the economy, rejects direct responsibility for delicate issues such as the ESM, the Stability Pact and competition laws. Think of an a la carte Europe in which Italy matters less and less. The falsehoods he continues to tell are serious. He says he cuts taxes with spending savings, but he forgets that his budget is financed in deficit and only for one year. He offends everyone’s intelligence by saying that your terrible constitutional reform does not affect the powers of the President of the Republic. As always, a lot of propaganda and unjustified attacks on the opposition. It will be a complex year, said Meloni. But neither you, nor your government, are up to what awaits us ”. Pierfrancesco Majorino, head of Migration Policies in the secretariat of the Democratic Party, takes things further on the issue of migrants: “Giorgia Meloni is being clever on immigration, she doesn’t deal with the enormous failure of her policies, demonstrated by the numbers of irregular arrivals and deaths at sea. But he provides his best on the Piano Mattei about which he says nothing, because there is nothing to say”.

Comments from the Democratic Party

Debora Serracchiani, head of Justice in the PD secretariat, comments: “Meloni worried since the days of justice? So why does he allow his majority and Minister Nordio to question the results obtained from the Cartabia reforms which have they reduced trial times? And so as to also put the Pnrr’s resources at risk? If you are really convinced that you have to intervene in justice, think instead about restoring the resources you have cut and making the hires you have promised for too long. And already that there is has the courage to make those who have placed in the ministry and the deputies who go around armed take a step back. Justice is a serious thing and demands competence, professionalism and reliability. Requirements that the leaders of his party colleagues evidently they don’t have”, he concludes. The head of Reforms and PNRR of the Democratic Party Alessandro Alfieri writes in a note: “We are ready to discuss how to give greater stability to the executive, but we need a step back on the direct election of the prime minister. And even today we heard a series of comments from President Meloni of falsehoods on the effects of the right-wing constitutional reform. As practically all the constitutionalists heard in the Senate underlined, with this reform the balance of powers between the prime minister, elected by the citizens, and the president of the Republic, elected by Parliament is altered. With the consequent weakening of the figure of the Head of State, guarantor of national unity and of the role of Parliament. We are faced with an inadmissible proposal which has already received much criticism even from the majority and which we will oppose in parliament”. The deputy and head of the South of the Pd national secretariat , Marco Sarracino, criticizes the words on autonomy: “Meloni does not see the enormous inequalities that exist between the north and the south. Furthermore, the choices made up to now demonstrate that the Meloni Government is a government against the South: if they attack the weakest by canceling the citizen’s income and burying the minimum wage, they risk making us lose the great opportunities of the Pnrr and they want introduce wage cages, increasing territorial disparities. In this context, differentiated autonomy would represent the definitive blow to the south. Nothing but a driving force for development.”

The replies from the M5s

“Giorgia Meloni’s response on the topic of extra banking profits is a mockery and an offense to citizens, as well as a demonstration of a sidereal distance from the basic principles of the economy”, states Francesco Silvestri, M5S group leader in the Chamber. According to Stefano Patuanelli, Meloni’s “enormous revisionist ignorance, he doesn’t know what a guaranteed loan is”. And Senator Mario Turco, vice-president of the M5s adds: “On banks, Meloni only knows how to kiss lobbies on the hand. He told lies”. Deputy Dario Carotenuto, member of the Chamber’s Labor Commission, says that “President Meloni’s words on the impact of artificial intelligence on the world of work effectively disavow Minister Calderone, who until a few weeks ago embarrassingly minimized this aspect. A fundamental aspect on which Italy is terribly behind. Announcements at press conferences are not enough: facts are needed.”

Bonelli: “Meloni says untrue things to unified networks”

Green Europe co-spokesperson and Green and Left MP Angelo Bonelli comments: “Too many untrue things on the part of President Meloni who exploits her role of power with her non-answers broadcast to unified networks. One among many: it is not true that you taxed the banks, on the contrary you used the same method – weak with the strong and strong with the weak – used with the energy lobbies, not taxing the extra profits and giving them 450 million in money public. Compared to the so-called Mattei Plan, in reality it is exactly the opposite of what Prime Minister Meloni stated. Which represents the predatory neo-colonialism of Africa’s energy resources.” Furthermore “it is false that the constitutional reform of the premiership does not modify the powers of the President of the Republic as stated by the prime minister”.

Fratoianni: “In Meloni’s press conference only slogans and lies”

“Inaccuracies, blatant lies, demagogic attacks on the opposition, empty slogans from party leaders and non-considerations from prime minister: the real country with the difficulties that Italians experience disappears from prime minister Meloni’s press conference”. You write it on X Nicola Fratoianni, the national secretary of the Italian Left, parliamentarian of the Green Left Alliance. “The 2023 budget of the Meloni government is all here. A terrible greeting card for 2024”.

Renzi: “Never heard so many lies”

“I saw Giorgia Meloni’s press conference. Never have you heard so many lies all at once”, wrote IV leader Matteo Renzi on social media. “For now they are only closing their eyes to reality. Now Meloni will go into electoral campaign mode, radicalizing Elly Schlein and cannibalizing Tajani and Salvini. But then reality will present her with the bill, starting with the 30 billion euros that she must find from here at the end of the year. Liars have this great thing: they think that people will forever believe what they say. At the beginning it’s like this. Then suddenly reality emerges, all at once. Happy 2024, dear President Meloni. For next year even less, please: fewer posts, fewer lies and above all less taxes. Give us this gift: at least remove the taxes you put in.” The group leader of Italia Viva alla Camera Davide Faraone comments on the press conference: “Giorgia Meloni, or rather the great boh who imposes himself at Palazzo Chigi, a Prime Minister who appears undecided about everything”. According to Senator Raffaella Paita, national coordinator of Italia Viva, “Meloni is looking for alibis for her failure”.

Calenda: “Nothing about important things, just invectives and gossip”

The leader of Action, Carlo Calenda, writes on social media: “Little or nothing on what is important: Healthcare, Wages, Education, PNRR, Industrial Policy. Many invectives against the left, some gossip, a splash of influencers, two jokes and a lot news. We feel the complete absence of a project for Italy. This is the summary of Meloni’s conference. We have already seen very similar ones”.