Prevention: direct line with citizens from 5 scientific societies

Fism launches the Days of the Republic, email responses on urology, hearing, periodontitis, obesity and occupational health

Protagonists also outside the aisles”: this is the slogan with which Fism – Federation of Italian medical-scientific societies today launched the ‘Republic Days’ with prevention ‘help desk’ services that will be active during the month of June to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the Republic Day. There are five Italian medical scientific societies involved in the IMF: in the fields of urology (Siu), audiology and phoniatry (Siaf), periodontics and implantology (Sidp), endocrinology (Sie), occupational medicine (Siml). The objective of the initiative, presented this morning at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health: to respond free of charge to requests for information and doubts from citizens in the context of specific needs: urology, hearing problems, periodontitis, endocrinology – especially obesity – and occupational health.

Today, June 1, is Urology Day; June 8 will be the turn of Listening Day, which affects 7 million Italians with hearing problems; on 16 June there will be the Day of Periodontitis which seriously affects about 15% of the Italian population, and if left untreated it can lead to tooth loss; 22 June is the Day of the company doctor, whose activities are essential for the protection of health in the workplace. Finally, the Endocrinology Day will be held on June 29, with a focus on obesity in particular.

The email addresses through which citizens will be able to obtain answers to their doubts from qualified professionals – reads a note – are: [email protected] for questions on urology; [email protected] for those relating to hearing; [email protected] for periodontics; [email protected] for occupational medicine and [email protected] for questions on obesity. The services will be active throughout the year. The IMF is not new to these initiates. Already on 7 March, President Loreto Gesualdo had presented, again at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, the ‘Toll Free Numbers of public utility’ assigned to the Italian Society of Nephrology (Sin), the Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Sigo), the national hospital cardiologists (Anmco) and the Italian Ophthalmological Society (Soi), accredited by the Ministry of Health and affiliated to the IMF. Also in this case, nephrologists, gynecologists, cardiologists and ophthalmologists made their experts available to patients.