Prices and tariffs, coming autumn sting from +711 euros for families

This was reported by Codacons, which assessed the expenses that Italians returning from summer holidays will have to face

“A particularly bitter return from holidays is being prepared this year, due to the price and tariff increases that are about to hit the Italians and that will determine a real ‘autumn sting’ on the pockets of consumers on average equal to +711 euros annually per family between September and November. “This was reported by Codacons, which assessed the expenses that Italians returning from summer holidays will have to face.

The first item of expenditure that will affect families will be food: on returning from holidays it is in fact necessary to fill the refrigerator, facing average price increases of 10% on an annual basis. A nucleus of 4 people thus finds itself this year spending an average of 172 euros for the first post-holiday food supplies, with a higher expenditure of about 16 euros compared to 2021.

As for fuel, diesel prices are now 16% higher than last year, while petrol costs 6% more. For a full tank of fuel, considering the current average prices, about 87 euros are spent. Furthermore, on 20 September, the cut in excise duties on fuels will expire which, if not renewed, will lead to an immediate rise in the price lists, with gasoline that would automatically jump to 2.054 euros per liter, 2.049 euros / liter diesel.

Another sore point are mortgages: a possible increase of 50 points in rates by the ECB would determine an immediate increase in the installments of variable rate mortgages with an increase in expenditure of about 42 euros per month, +500 euros on an annual basis.

Then there is the unknown bills: in October Arera will proceed to periodically update the electricity and gas tariffs, and for weeks already huge increases caused by the sharp rise in international energy prices have been announced. Assuming an optimistic scenario characterized by an increase in tariffs in October of + 15% for electricity and + 20% for gas, for Codacons the overall sting on energy expenditure would reach +965 euros per family in 2022 (+380 euros electricity, + € 585 for gas) compared to the expenditure incurred for the same supplies in 2021.

Finally, families will have to deal with the high school price: according to the first surveys of the Codacons, the prices of the kit (diaries, books, cases, notebooks, etc.) record average increases of + 7% compared to 2021, which lead to the expenditure for the purchase of school materials to reach 588 euros per student in the case in which designer products and famous brands are chosen, to which must be added the expenditure for textbooks, variable depending on the school and level of education, for a total that could reach 1,300 euros per student.