Prigozhin, American general: “Probably dead. Meeting with Putin simulated”

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There have been many developments in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in recent weeks. First of all the attempted coup against Moscow by the Wagner mercenary group. And now it emerges that their leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, may be dead. Several US media speak of the scenario, including also ABC News who, on the matter, interviewed former US general Robert Abrams, now retired. According to Abrams, Prigozhin is “probably dead or imprisoned (ALL CONFLICT UPDATES LIVE)

The expert: “I don’t think Prigozhin is alive”

The expert also claims that the meeting between Russian President Putin and the head of Wagner, which took place on June 29, was “probably simulated”. “My personal assessment,” he adds, “is that I doubt we’ll ever see Prigozhin publicly again.” “I think he’ll be sent to prison, or treated in some other way, but I doubt we’ll ever see him again.” And when asked if Prigozhin is alive, Abrams replied: “Personally I don’t think he is, and if he is, he’s in a prison somewhere.”