“Prima Diffusa” turns ten and brings Verdi’s Macbeth to the city. The program

More than 40 theaters, places of culture and institutions, city spaces and unconventional venues for over 80 concerts, performances, exhibitions and reviews, conferences and free meetings, on 7 December 34 screenings simultaneously with the Teatro alla Scala (HERE ALL THE NEWS). From 1st to 12th December, the Municipality of Milan together with Edison brings the opera that inaugurates the 2021/2022 season of the Teatro alla Scala to the city, Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi, directed by Riccardo Chailly and directed by Davide Livermore (click here for the complete program).

‘Prima Diffusa’ is back with over 80 initiatives

Suspended only in 2020 due to the pandemic – it therefore returns to accompany Milan in the previous week the Prima della Scala with over 80 initiatives including concerts, performances, readings, meetings and conferences, exhibitions and reviews dedicated to opera, involving more than 40 places of Milanese culture and symbolic city spaces present in all 9 Municipalities. An involvement of the whole community that grows until 7 December, the day on which the Premiere is staged on the stage of the Teatro alla Scala and will be broadcast live in 34 spaces of the nine municipalities and also in the metropolitan area. In these ten years ‘Prima Diffusa’ has grown more and more, involving over 200,000 spectators, 80 city spaces with more than 200 events (at this link you can view the map of these ten years of live screenings).

In this tenth edition, ten thousand seats will be available in the 34 screening rooms, one thousand more than in the last edition (2019).

‘Prima Diffusa’ was, in the last ten years, one of the first major projects of cultural participation and social inclusion, which paved the way for other highly successful initiatives that continue to ignite the city on different themes.– declared thecouncilor for culture Tommaso Sacchi-. The collaboration with the Teatro alla Scala, the partnership with Edison and the participation of RAI have made it possible to transform the Prima della Scala into an appointment for everyone, and not just for those in the theater. And ten years later, the idea of ​​sharing such an important and heartfelt appointment continues to excite me, which turns the spotlight of the whole world on Milan, by an entire city that experiences it as a single, large public“.

When in 1951 Victor De Sabata moved the inauguration date of the Season from 26 to 7 December, the day of Sant’Ambrogio, he sanctioned a pact between Milan and its Theater. The same alliance was reaffirmed by the impetus of Paolo Grassi, who brought La Scala into the city and the city to La Scala through the Cultural Promotion Service, and is renewed today through projects for the dissemination of musical culture in the area. Among these ‘Prima Diffusa’ of which we are celebrating the tenth edition together with the Municipality of Milan at Rai and Edison, is a virtuous example of collective participation to be developed also in other periods of the year, as we did with “La Scala in città” at the early summer“, He declares the Superintendent of the Teatro alla Scala Dominique Meyer.

Edison is a responsible energy operator who is committed to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates. ” He claims Cristina Parenti, Edison Senior Vice President Communication & External Relations. “We are very satisfied and proud to be once again alongside the Municipality of Milan and the Teatro alla Scala in the organization and promotion of Prima Diffusa. ” Cristina Parenti continues. “A unique cultural event in the world, in which we have always believed since its first edition in 2011. Prima Diffusa is an excellent example of sustainable development through the enhancement of cultural heritage and is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for which each individual has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to participate in scientific progress and its benefits“.

Rai continues its mission of disseminating the national cultural heritage – says the director of Rai Cultura Silvia Calandrelli -. Also this year Rai Cultura will broadcast the opening night of the Opera Season of the Teatro alla Scala live on Rai1, but also on RaiPlay, on Radio3, in Europe on the Euroradio circuit and on televisions and cinemas all over the world. In addition to this commitment, for the tenth year, also the work on the territory together with the Theater and the Municipality of Milan to make the Premiere accessible also in the cinemas and cultural spaces of the city of Milan. Prima Diffusa is another piece of the collaboration with La Scala that Rai has been continuing for over 40 years“. Live screenings are confirmed at the center of the ‘Prima Diffusa’ 2021 of the inaugural opera of the Scala season, in collaboration with Teatro alla Scala and RAI, which takes care of its filming and broadcasting live on Rai 1 and via satellite. Thirty-four screening venues in the nine municipalities in the city and outside the city. There are numerous symbolic places such as the Theater of the Milano Opera House of Prison, the Puntozero Beccaria Theater at the Cesare Beccaria Penal Institute for minors and the San Vittore Prison; but also the Casa dell’Accoglienza ‘Enzo Jannacci’, the Casa della Carità, the Malpensa Airport, the MUDEC, WOW Space Comic, Made in Corvetto, Mare Culturale Urbano and others.

All screenings are preceded by listening guides curated by Accademia Teatro alla Scala in live or recorded form, which will provide the public with an explanation of the work and will ensure understanding even for novice spectators of the opera genre. Admission to live broadcasting venues is free with reservations required.

At Macbeth Castle is the event that inaugurates Prima Diffusa 2021 and will be held at the Castello Sforzesco on 1 December at 6 pm. It is a theatrical listening guide, conceived and edited by the Teatro alla Scala Academy based on the work of Macbeth with the participation of professor and musicologist Fabio Sartorelli, enriched from pieces chosen and interpreted by young actors and young Soloists of the Academy of Specialization for Opera Singers of the Teatro alla Scala.

Among the novelties entertainment is also part of the 2021 program Macbeth Unplugged from Tour from Bar with Davide Lorenzo Palla And Irene Timpanaro and live musical accompaniment by Tiziano Cannas Aghedu, staged in three different evenings at Santeria Paladini 8, at the Spirit de Milan and at the Urban Cultural Sea. In this drama, called by the actors “the Scottish tragedy”, comic, lyrical and dramatic moments alternate in which the audience is directly involved and accompanied by the actors within the secrets hidden between the lines of this great Shakespearean classic.

On 2 December at 6.30 pm the lyric recital is scheduled at the Cineteca Milano at the Interactive Museum of Cinema, with the extraordinary participation of Neri Marcorè, of the soloists of the Academy of specialization for opera singers of the Teatro alla Scala who will pay homage to the works of the first compositional season of Giuseppe Verdi.

To celebrate the ten years of the exhibition, on the afternoon of December 3, at the headquarters of the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala in via Santa Marta, it will be possible to visit the exhibition Open Academy – Ten years of Prima Diffusa. The exhibition itinerary retraces the salient phases of the event from 2011 to today, through photographic material, video collages, costumes and props. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a theatrical “make-up and hair” demonstration to bring the audience closer to the backstage of a show. Another special exhibition, Fill the cup, is organized by WOW Spazio Comic in viale Campania and is dedicated to the most important comic book transpositions of Shakespeare’s tragedy and Verdi’s opera. At the MIC Cinema Hall, at the Interactive Cinema Museum, the film festival Macbeth and other Shakespearean titles proposes 23 films from 2 to 23 December, cinematographic transpositions of Shakespeare’s works.

This edition of Prima Diffusa also deepens the debate on social sustainability and inclusion which are two founding values ​​of concept of ‘Prima Diffusa’. In particular, there will be two meetings open to the public: the first From Don Giovanni to Macbeth, ten years of the Prima in the city between inclusion and sustainability will be held on 2 December at 6 pm at the Puntozero Beccaria Theater at the Cesare Beccaria Penal Institute for minors and will be attended by the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan, Tommaso Sacchi, and the Superintendent and Artistic Director of the Teatro alla Scala, Dominique Meyer , moderated by Edoardo Vigna, deputy director of Sette. On 9 December at the Mudec Auditorium a round table will be held with the professionals of the latest generation of the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala to discuss the themes of sustainable development applied to culture and artistic productions, which will be attended by the set designer Valentina Volpi, the costume designer, set designer and director Gianluca Falaschi, the manager of the buildings and systems maintenance of the Teatro alla Scala Mario Pan and the light designer Valerio Tiberi. Moderate the meeting: Maria Elena Zanini (Corriere della Sera).