Primaries Pd 2023, dem to vote until 8pm

The challenge between Bonaccini and Schlein. Read on Twitter: “Files everywhere at our gazebos”. At 1 pm, 598,000 voted

Pd primaries 2023 at the go. From 8 this morning, and until 20, it will be possible to vote in the 5,500 polling stations set up throughout Italy to choose the new national secretary of the Democratic Party. The challenge is between the governor of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini and Elly Schlein. “The gazebos are open. Happy voting to all. Proud of a community that decides its own future with democracy and participation”, writes the outgoing secretary of the Democratic Party on Twitter, Enrico Letta, who in the early afternoon adds: “Good! Queues everywhere in our gazebos. Thanks to the thousands of volunteers who are making possible an extraordinary day of democracy and participation with the PrimariePD”. Letta defines the popular consultation as “a great hymn to democracy and participation”.

TURNOUT – “At 1 pm, 598,000 voters voted. It’s an important figure”. Thus Silvia Roggiani, president of the congress commission of the Democratic Party, in connection with In half an hour more on Rai 3. Can you reach over a million? “We don’t make forecasts but I remember that you can vote until 8pm”.

WHO CAN VOTE – All Italian citizens, EU citizens residing in Italy and non-EU citizens with regular residence permits can vote in the gazebo. Online voting is allowed, but only on condition that you have pre-registered by 18 February. As regards minors aged 16 and over, but also non-EU residents and non-EU citizens, pre-registration by 24 February remains an essential condition for voting.

WHAT DOCUMENTS YOU NEED TO VOTE – Citizens who intend to vote in the Pd primaries must have a document certifying their identity and residence, so that it is clear that they belong to the territory under the jurisdiction of the gazebo. The minimum contribution required to support organizational expenses is 2 euros.

HOW TO FIND THE SEAT – You can find your seat on the Pd website, in the dedicated section entitled Trovaseggio.

THE RESULTS – From 17.30 today the press room will be open at the national headquarters of the Democratic Party (Via Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, 16, Rome) where the official data will be communicated.

“Around 21.45-22 we will be able to give the first data”, explained the president of the Pd congress commission.