Prince Harry would have learned of the Queen’s death

Do you know how Prince Harry learned of the tragic news of Queen Elizabeth’s death? It’s incredible!

With the death of Elizabeth II a Kingdom that lasted 70 years has ended. A historical era that saw the Queen of England reign for the longest of all. Only about a week ago, her solemn funeral was celebrated in her honor, which was attended by members of the royal family to pay her their last farewell.

Prince Harry on the Queen’s death (Credits: Youtube)

The entire Royal Family was present to offer the last heartbreaking farewell to the English Sovereign. Among the members, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan were also present. But the news of the death of the Sovereign of England, Prince Harry would not have learned in a completely ‘normal’ way.

This is how Prince Harry learned the tragic news of Queen Elizabeth’s death

September 8, 2022, is certainly a date that will end up in all history books from now on and that is to designate the death of Queen Elizabeth and with it the end of one of the most enduring kingdoms in history. Queen Elizabeth was an exemplary woman in her role as Sovereign but not only.

Inside her private life, she was a mother and grandmother who loved her grandchildren. Among these, although the current Prince of Wales certainly stands out, Prince William, in recent years has certainly made headlines, the Prince Harry. In recent years, we know how much relations with the Royal Family have cracked for Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

However, the prince’s love and affection for his grandmother and English Queen had certainly not faded. On the other hand, there was talk of rapprochement with the court. But relations with all the members of the English family would have been called equally ‘harsh’. So harsh as not to make known to the Prince of Queen Elizabeth’s death. Well, Prince Harry has indeed learned of the Queen’s death through the media.

Not a phone call, not a notice, nothing to tell Prince Harry that Queen Elizabeth was gone. And just like you wrote Page Six: “They let him find out from the internet news when he landed“. In fact, Prince Harry had rushed to Balmoral Castle in Scotland after a telephone call from King Charles informing him of the drastic health conditions of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. At that point, the Duke of Sussex tried to rush to the Queen’s bedside. But when he arrived, it was too late.

prince harry death queen
Harry, at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral (Credits: Adobe)

Relations with the members of the Royal House are still said to be cracked, but some sources let it be known that in recent days, before the return home to California for the Duke of Sussex and Meghan, there was talk of a small rapprochement between the two brothers . Will it really be the right time for a family reunion? Only time, alas, will certainly tell us.