Prince William reveals his parenting dilemma related to Prince George

With Kate Middletonthe prince william is raising three young royals who are living extraordinary lives.

In addition to being heirs to the throne after his father and grandfather, the prince georgethe Princess Charlotte and the prince louis they are growing up among their family castles, attending top schools and making appearances at special events.

At the same time, Kate Y William they are doing their best to keep their children humble and to make their children’s lives as normal as possible.

In July 2017, a source opened up to Us Weekly about the fact that William, Kate and their children are “a very normal family”, in part due to the fact that the royal parents they did not allow the princes and princess to have their own iPads. The source explained: “They are seen as toys for mom and dad, not for children.”

The source added: “As two people who grew up without devices for entertainment, William and Kate are strong believers in toys, outdoor play and encouraging active imaginations.”

Frankly, that’s a smart move that can definitely benefit the young royals, according to Medical News Today. Of course, these days, Kate and William’s kids are a bit older, and George has a hobby that has caused his parents a tech-related dilemma.

Prince George is interested in games

In December 2021, Katie Nicholl from Vanity Fair he said okay! (via Daily Mail) that Kate Middleton was doing her best to buy “practical Christmas presents” and nothing “fancy” for her children, in part because she felt her older children were getting “too much screen time.” Honestly, a lot of parents feel that way.

“George enjoys his iPad at school, both he and Charlotte are quite tech-savvy and like most kids there are probably tech gadgets and the like on their wish list,” Nicholl explained. Despite the fact that children want to spend their time with flashy gadgets, the expert noted: “Kate is usually very strict about screen time and keeps it to a minimum.”

That was backed by prince william when he appeared at BAFTA headquarters on January 27.

According to a tweet from the real expert Chris Ship, William explained that because george he “particularly” likes games, they have to “regulate”, “supervise” and “be careful” when it comes to how much time he spends looking at the screen.

While it’s definitely a good move for parents to monitor what George is up to, you must love the fact that the potential future king is a little gamer.

Maybe you have your own Minecraft kingdom!