Prince William serves veggie burgers in a food truck in London. Video

Customers at a food truck in central London were served by a special employee: Prince William. The heir to the throne greeted patrons, served food and explained that he wanted to personally promote some of the Earthshot award-winning projects he created to tackle the challenge of fighting climate change.

The initiative

The prince, present behind the counter in a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a dazzling smile, has collaborated with the YouTube channel Sorted Food, which has 2.7 million subscribers, to launch an initiative on board the food truck, namely selling veggie burgers called the Earthshot Burger. These are preparations created with vegetables grown in the Greenhouse-in-a-box modular greenhouses of the Indian start-up Kheyti. They are hamburgers cooked in a portable clean combustion – biomass – stove called Mukuru Clean, designed by Kenyan Charlot Magayi. In addition, they are served in biodegradable food containers made with seaweed and plant extracts from the British company Notpla. An entire green process to serve people an ethical and genuine alternative to the classic hamburger.