Prince William’s speech at King Charles’s coronation concert

“Good evening Your Majesty, good evening Windsor. Thank you all for being here on this wonderful evening”. So Prince William welcomed the twenty thousand subjects present in the grounds of Windsor Castle to attend the coronation concert and pay homage to King Charles III. William did the honors at home, addressing a beautiful speech to his father: “As beautiful as the celebrations are, at the heart of the pomp is a simple message: service. My father’s first words, entering Westminster Abbey yesterday, were an oath of service—he said he—It was an oath to continue to serve.”

“Pa’, we are all proud of you”

After recalling all the important things his father did, William switched to a more informal tone: “Pa, we are all proud of you. As my grandmother used to say, coronations are a declaration of our hopes for the future. I know looking down on us fondly. And I know she would be a very proud mother.” Faced with these words, King Charles, in the front row of the grandstand, did not hold back his deep emotion (and a few tears were also seen on the face of Princess Kate, his daughter-in-law).