Principality of Monaco, Charlene admitted to a specialized institution

The princess, said her husband Alberto, “is clearly exhausted, physically and emotionally. She could not cope with official commitments, daily life in general and family life”. Today is a national holiday, but on the balcony there is only the prince with the two children showing signs with messages of affection for their mother

Princess Charlene was admitted to a specialized institution outside the principality of Monaco to undergo “treatment”. On the day of the national holiday, her husband, Prince Albert, made it known, in an interview with People magazine, a few days after his wife returned from a long nine-month stay in South Africa, which raised many questions.

Already on November 17, Alberto had admitted that his wife was suffering from “not only physical fatigue” and was no longer in the Principality. Today he adds that he is following an unspecified “treatment” in a specialized institution. The decision, he said, was made by mutual agreement. “I sat her down with her brothers and a sister-in-law. She had already made up her mind, we just wanted her to confirm in front of us. It was what she wanted. She knew the best thing was to rest and get real medical treatment”, said the prince.

Alberto underlined the family’s full affectionate support for Charlene, whose state of mental health is linked “to various factors relating to private life”. The princess, he explained, “is clearly exhausted, physically and emotionally. She could not cope with official commitments, everyday life in general and family life.”. The couple’s nearly 7-year-old children, twins Jacques and Gabriella, know that their mother “must rest and is not fully herself,” added the prince. He will visit his wife with the children when the doctors authorize him. An institution outside the principality has been chosen for confidentiality reasons and the prince is asking everyone to respect the privacy of his family in the coming weeks.

When Charlene returned from her native South Africa 11 days ago, everyone thought that today she would be looking out from the balcony of the royal palace with the rest of the family on the occasion of the national holiday. But today to greet the Monegasques there were only Alberto and his children, each with a sign. On Gabriella’s was written: “mom we miss you”, on Jacques’s: “mom we love you”.